Infographic Writeup: 5 AI Technologies changing Healthcare

The potential and impact of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Medicine has been on a steady incline in recent years. There are specific domains in healthcare that have witnessed profitability and growth by including cognitive technologies into their processes. Not surprisingly, there has been equal appreciation and scepticism about the impact of AI in healthcare, especially when considering the ethical aspects of AI.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence in medicine, pharma and healthcare applications can be owed to the technology’s ability to understand and analyse data intelligently, so as to learn from experience and draw insights for intelligence. This not only ushers in the dawn of smart machines, but also lays the foundation of minimum-error workings. As human time and efforts are concentrated towards cognitive roles, machines can learn to take over other functions. Not surprisingly, the global AI healthcare market from being valued at US$ 1,441 mn in 2o16, is expected to rise to US$ 22,790 mn by 2023, with an CAGR of 48.7% between 2017-23 (Source: Allied Market Research).

With Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, there is more accuracy in diagnosis of diseases, streamlined medical proceedings, faster medical consultation and much more. HealthTech is picking up pace with a rise in demand for AI powered mobile applications, software and wearable technology. Recent practice also shows startups/enterprises partnering with top AI development companies to fulfil their AI-HealthTech ambitions.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and medicine have been explored far and wide, with some gaining more prominence than the others. Some of the popular AI technology in healthcare are:

  • Voice- Assistants: 
  • Wearables
  • Virtual Reality
  • Chatbots and AI Virtual Health Assistants 
  • Robot-assisted surgery

The interesting part about healthcare and AI based cognitive technologies is that there is innovation round the clock with new scope being identified in clinical and administrative functions. As such, current trends in AI and Robotics in Healthcare is proof that the new regime of health care will be a smart collaboration between healthcare workers and machines.


April 17, 2020 12 months ago

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