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AI solutions provider What makes Day One the right AI partner for Digital Transition

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Insights & Blog Insights from the world of AI

Deep Learning and ML Algorithms

BlogWill deep learning make other machine learning algorithms obsolete?

Reading Time: 9 min read Deep learning is a subfield of computer knowledge that has grown increasingly popular, especially in the last few years. It works by mining huge amounts of data, such as images, speech, or text, to train a machine learning algorithm.

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Human Augmentation

BlogWhat is Human Augmentation? Will it become a megatrend in the future?

Reading Time: 9 min read Human Augmentation aims at enhancing human abilities by AI or technical mapping. Find out all about Human Augmentation and what the future has in store.

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Roadblocks on Bigdata

BlogRoadblocks On Big Data and How to Overcome Them

Reading Time: 7 min read Data plays a very important part in our life. From the transaction to shipment data, from pictures to videos, there are tons of data that surround us each moment

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Data Science & AI

BlogIdentifying The Fine Lines Between Data Science And Artificial Intelligence

Reading Time: 9 min read Artificial intelligence is a kind of computer technology programmed to perform tasks or give opinions called “intelligent.” It is a subset of computer science and generally refers to computer technologies that perform tasks normally done by human intelligence.

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Infographic RPA Solutions for the BPO industry

Reading Time: < 1 min Understanding how RPA bot implementation can assist in automating rule-based tasks to increase productivity, save time and cost, and reduce process errors.

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Development Transforming businesses with Computer Vision

Reading Time: < 1 min Pictures tell a thousand words. Learn how AI-based computer vision technology is being utilized across healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing to draw image-based acumen.

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