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Insights & Blog Insights from the world of AI

BlogBlockchain Defining The Sports Betting Industry: Pros and Cons

Reading Time: 6 min read Sports Betting is popular around the globe, to say the very least, and therefore the growth the industry witnessed in the past couple of years is only natural. Needless to mention, the role the legalization of Sports Betting in the US played in fueling this drastic industry boom.

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BlogVirtual Reality in Education

Reading Time: 5 min read Embracing the best of technology opens the door to a million more possibilities that were never available before. As Virtual Reality (VR) is slowly being adopted in the education systems, here are the top reasons why and how to implement it

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BlogAutomated Machine Learning (AutoML) – A new Trend

Reading Time: 5 min read The digital transformation is driven primarily by the data. As a result, various companies are looking for opportunities to gain maximum value from their data.

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BlogNLP and your Business

Reading Time: 5 min read NLP represents Natural Language Processing(NLP) . It is a branch of artificial intelligence and computer science

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Infographic RPA Solutions for the BPO industry

Reading Time: < 1 min Understanding how RPA bot implementation can assist in automating rule-based tasks to increase productivity, save time and cost, and reduce process errors.

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Development Transforming businesses with Computer Vision

Reading Time: < 1 min Pictures tell a thousand words. Learn how AI-based computer vision technology is being utilized across healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing to draw image-based acumen.

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