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The Science of Workplace Ergonomics

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Industry: Ergonomics (Health, Wellness and Fitness)

Services Offered: Custom software development (for web app) AI and Automation

Core Technologies Used: Node.js, Angular JS, HTML 5, CSS, Mongo DB

Country: Singapore

Project Duration: 6 Months

Fit for Work is an innovative, award-winning company that seeks to help organizations, individuals and consultants improve employee productivity and workplace comfort through ergonomics. Based out of Singapore, the company caters to a global client base offering custom solutions for ergonomic challenges so as to reduce health risks and cultivate an engaged workforce. Day One’s journey with Fit for Work chronicles how we implemented AI solutions for custom software to build a scalable, easy-to-use and effective platform to collect, store and analyze data, for insights and data-driven solutions.

How the journey

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A bag Full of Business

Challenges to overcome

Workplace ergonomics has a direct correlation with employee physical health and fitness, in turn affecting overall wellness and productivity.

Fit for Work are specialists in the field. The have proprietary platform and solutions, a skilled and experienced team, and the business mindset to take the brand to global audiences. Their challenges however were:

What we did: Our Strategy for Change


  • Agile methodology for digitizing manual questionnaires
  • Features: Multimedia format, multi-select, easy upload
  • User friendly platform for quick form fills
  • Instant database upload with user responses
  • Easy data collection, sorting, classification
  • Automatic data scoring
  • Auto-readiness of data for analysis (statistics).


  • Platform automation
  • Custom software (desktop app) for survey response data
  • Efficient, error-free process, with logs on every action
  • Admin panel to view, share, download responses and track reports via dashboards
  • Replacing manual follow ups (after 2 weeks) with automated communications (email integration)
  • Reminder setups

Data Analytics + Insights

  • AI technology and tools for analysis/insights
  • Refer to historical data and combine with current data to build a knowledge base
  • Data tagging and labelling to keep analysis effective

Online Registration

Form Access - Individual, Company, Consultant

Automatic Report Generation

User Management (Admin)

Chatbot Management

Payment Gateway Integration

The Final Experience

This was a challenge for us to execute, especially in the timeline we had. AI and automation services relies heavily on the availability of data and technology. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our team and client, we were able to build a platform that delights and delivers!

Resource Optimization

Time, cost, manual efforts got optimized.
Eg. Time spent in data sorting and classification could now be spent on research and tailoring solutions.

Improved Service

Respondents responded to a digital, multimedia enabled questionnaire positively, making the process engaging and convenient..
Eg. Moving to image based MCQs to provide visual clarity on the question.

Future Readiness

The platform is now ready for the future with AI, automation and digitization.
Eg. Scalable, flexible and supported on multiple devices, to cater to its diverse user base globally.

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