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AR App Development Company Introducing the power of Augmented Reality in Business

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What is Augmented Reality?

And why your business needs an AR app?

If you have recently stepped into an IKEA Place or have engaged with app games such as Pokemon Go or even tried to find the right makeup using Sephora’s Virtual Artist then you are no stranger to the examples of augmented reality in apps. AR technology is gradually taking up mainstream space. What was considered as futuristic at one point, is now being channelized as a sound way of user engagement.
AR is the technology that superimposes computer generated images, sound, graphics on top of a real environment to create an augmented reality. That means, that users can virtually place IKEA furnitures in their homes to visualize what it will look like. Cool right? It is, and with Day One’s AR app development solutions we can bring that to your brand as well.

How does Augmented Reality
benefit business?

AR software solutions when built and implemented properly can add value to business. From product development, to designing the UI (user interface) for improving UX (user experience), to the identification of features and overall product delivery, AR can be an asset to brands.

Augmented Reality has its place in both the business and customer front. While it can create a personal experience for the customer/user, it can also aid in hands-on employee training. With our AI powered AR app development services moreover, businesses can leverage more, through the power of emerging tech including AI, machine learning, deep learning, mobile apps, blockchain, IoT, and more. And that’s something to explore.

Personalizing Customer Experiences

Multisensory Experiences for Product/Service marketing

Innovation and Safety on the Factory Floor

Interactive Learning Experiences

Immersive Reality for higher user engagement

What we offer

Our Augmented Reality Solutions

It is fascinating how AR mobile apps are making headlines especially in user engagement. With recent trends in mobility solutions and lifestyle, and the rise of remote working, contactless payments and online shopping, we can only expect the impact of AR tech to grow in the coming years.

As a AR software development company we assist businesses, large and small, leveraging technology like never before. With a team of AI and AR/VR experts, app developers and UI/UX designers, here’s how we help brands level up.

AR technology by Type

AR applications, VR and even Mixed Reality, has witnessed the next level of growth with innovations in smart devices – smartphones, AR glasses, smart lenses, head-mounted displays, etc. As an AR app development service provider, we understand what it means for business, and offer solutions that cater exclusively for

Marker-based AR

Markerless AR

Projection-based AR

Superimposition-based AR

Location-based AR

AR apps for iOS and

When it comes to building mobile apps, it’s imperative for brands to find the right fit between design and technology, for improving the user experience. As a top mobile app development company, we build apps that are tech-driven  from integrating AI solutions to AR/VR technology for providing an end-to-end immersive experience, we know how to get the installs, retain the users, and get the revenue flowing in your AR-enabled iOS and Android apps.

AI powered AR apps

When it comes to providing users an incredible mobile experience, AI and AR can work together. The gamut of AI technology, especially machine learning solutions, can work in collaboration with AR and mobility solutions, for creating the best-in-class experiences, driven by data. Some common AI applications in AR apps include

Speech recognition

Face recognition

Object detection

Industry specific use – retail, education, automotive, etc.

AR apps for IoT

AR systems have been instrumental in driving innovation to business challenges in recent years. What began as a technology for entertainment, has now found its ground in industry processes especially by integrating with other deep tech and connected smart devices. With AR apps for IoT devices, it is now convenient, time and cost effective, and even safe for professionals and businesses to simulate and/or perform diverse functions with a tap on their smart screens and devices.

AR/VR enabled Web
app for EdTech

EdTech | Singapore | Web app | AI | Mobile Apps | AR/VR

The team at Day One collaborated with Singapore-based, Vere360 on an interesting project for web and mobile application development for their AR/VR powered immersive learning EdTech platform. We built a desktop and mobile app that’s user-friendly, rich in features, and functionalities (eg. multimedia content, easy share etc.), and driven by AI solutions for drawing data-driven insights. As an AR/VR app development company this was a project that gave us the opportunity to use the best of cognitive and immersive technologies.

Top industries using AR and VR app solutions

From app games to GPS navigation systems, there’s no end to the impact of AR technology across industry verticals. With AR in applications, businesses can not only add relevant features and functionality, but gather data for personalization, content marketing, user engagement and more.

EdTech and Training

Content Creation Interactive Lectures Field Trips


Surgery Simulations Augmented Diagnosis Pharma/Drug information


3D model catalogue Virtual fitting rooms Store navigation apps


GPS Navigation Hotel walkthroughs Virtual historic tours

Real Estate

Virtual living spaces Virtual property walkthroughs Architecture & Design


Product Prototype/Design CAD solutions Simulations

Industry Recognition Awards & Recognition

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