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Automation as a Service


To understand present capabilities, business goals, tech requirements, risks involved

Research &

Market study, tool research, high level process scan, assessment, enablement plan


Use case analysis, feasibility test, tools, bot design and development

Testing &

Bot testing, bug fixes, device testing, demo, KT, implementation, change management

& Support

Track all use cases, data analysis, reports, incidents reports etc. (up to 6 months)

What is Blockchain Development ?

Benefits of Blockchain Services in Business

Let’s begin by comprehending ‘what is blockchain technology?’ Blockchain is essentially a decentralized digital ledger. It logs records of transactions from systems from global locations, providing secure access, authorization based modification only, and transparency in transactions. Not surprisingly, it has made its impression on several industries especially banking, finance and insurance, legal, manufacturing (with IoT), education to name a few.
It’s a mobile-first world we are living in today and it’s not enough for businesses to leverage mobility solutions in business only. Smartphones and connected devices are the norm and smart solutions needs to be explored. With our Blockchain consulting services for cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and more, we can take you there.

Data Transparency with logs maintained on each transaction

Decentralized, traceable and electronic peer-to-peer

Limited and authorized access for modification for data integrity

Decentralized platform with data being stored on all devices

World-class security and reliability, with data stored in multiple locations

Continuous development with the tech upgrading its features and functionalities

Our Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain applications are for everyone. Think of a sector and it can benefit with the integration of AI development services and blockchain into their processes. But while all of this sounds fantastic, it is not easy to implement. Most businesses lack in-house blockchain expertise, and platform developers are difficult to come by.

At Day One, as a Blockchain development services company we make that easy for you. We come with a team of blockchain architects, AI and mobile app developers, designers, marketers and strategists - in short, a team. So, if you are looking for advise on blockchain implementation or ready to bring blockchain into your business, you’re in the right place.

Custom Blockchain Development
& Consultancy

Taking up blockchain and digital ledgers into business is a strategic decision. That’s why we offer Blockchain technology consulting services to help with smart transition. We offer custom solutions for web, mobile, and desktops, that integrate seamlessly with existing processes. We also build platforms from scratch for SMBs and enterprises.

Decentralized Blockchain
App Development

Blockchain development companies call dApps or decentralized apps the future of web and mobile application development for iOS and Android, tablets and smart devices. From design to build and launch, we see potential in digital ledger-based apps and offer you the platform for best-in-class secure, verified and reliable transactions.

Blockchain in IoT App

Digital Twins might be a buzzword, but what’s building the foundation is Blockchain in IoT apps. With Blockchain services, data from connected devices can securely be sent to blockchain networks. With authorized access only, data is verified and can be trusted. Used across smart factories, logistics and supply chain, IoT backed Blockchain brings agility to security.

Blockchain in AI App Development

Blockchain as a Service is taking a new shape with the integration of AI and Blockchain in mobility solutions (apps). With blockchain data, ML algorithms can learn better, analyze, and provide insights for tech-driven decisions. From encrypted security to smart contracts, mobile apps with AI and Blockchain is a future to behold.

ICO Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts blockchain services are the next big thing and we are here to help your business make the most of it. Built for private and public networks, our ICO smart contract are drafted with precision and accuracy. We keep it specific to industry, catering to the niche requirements of supply chain, real estate, legal, or education.

Blockchain Wallets

If you think mobile wallets and payment apps are big, think bigger with cryptocurrency wallets. We have the team with the required skills for blockchain wallet app development to keep track of all digital transactions in a secure and transparent way. Our platforms are crypto specific and custom-built as per your business needs.

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