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R&D Captive

Captive R&D: Research led Innovation in business

What is innovation? Is innovation creating something completely original? Or is building an advanced, state-of-the-art the version of an existing model also considered as innovation? Did innovation end with the unveiling of Motorola’s first handheld mobile phone, or did innovation witness a new era with Apple’s iPhones? This is the mobile-first age – and every day the wheels of innovation are gaining momentum.

At Day One Technologies, we can help businesses scale and power-up innovation through R&D. At our Research and Development Captive unit, we dive deep into new, untapped areas and concepts, and bring innovation to existing products/software. Our captive unit works coherently as an independent research entity, assisting in conceptualizing and building technology stack often beyond a company’s existing product/service.

So, let’s get started, shallwe?

Why businesses need Research and Development What our Captive unit can achieve for you

R&D is imperative for the success of all modern businesses – unfortunately many businesses do not have the resources and capabilities required for game-changing innovation. Neither do they fare well in identifying the right talent pool and technologies required for it? That’s why we recommend the business to drive innovation with our Captive R&D unit.

And the best part – though we co-create intellectual property that can be patented, it belongs to the organization, entirely!

Key areas our R&D Captive unit can help

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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Information retrieval,
correlation * analytics

The role of deep tech in R&D

Can businesses survive without top technology?

Here’s a question for all modern organizations – Is your business driven by innovation and R&D backed by technology? Many believe that the only way to innovate is to adapt to high-end technology and imbibe it into their product and service. At Day One, we believe that technology in research will only deliver optimal results if the goal setting is done right.

Our research and development practice as such is not all about trending technology, but about identifying the right mix of real-tech and deep-tech and deliver results.

Functioning of Captive R&D unit:
General Overview


Product/Service Goals

Captive R&D unit

In-depth research and discovery
Integration with existing product/service


Project budget, Technology stack, Co-located/Remote teams

Our Success Stories How we have helped businesses transform

By getting businesses mobile-first we are making them future-ready. Our practice of research and development in businesses, is making organizations ready for the next wave of change. Here are some stories on how as an organization, we at Day One Technologies have helped businesses transform, whether through R&D or in the use of the latest technology in mobile app development:

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TOLLR – Smarter Toll Payments


TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

The transformational 
landscape of Mobile App Development

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