Human Augmented
Artificial Intelligence (HAAI) Deep data driven business analytics, simplified
Human Augmented
Artificial Intelligence (HAAI)

HAAI: Qualitative Analytics for Modern Businesses

Imagine a world without consumer data – no data on demographics, behavior, buying pattern – nothing! That’s not going to be a very lucrative environment for businesses, will it? Fortunately, that’s one scenario we don’t have to encounter – thanks to software and technological innovation, today data is easily available. But the question is, is the data being analyzed and being used strategically?

That’s why we, at Day One Technologies offer our services for Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence or HAAI, as we call it. There is absolutely no dearth of data – at least not when it comes to raw data collection. The challenge is to manage, monitor, segment and analyze big data, to draw business insights and design plans. With HAAI, we offer the solution to this global challenge. Through advanced and intelligent use of machine learning and AI, we offer qualitative scientific analysis that gives your business the edge that it’s been waiting for!

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Growing your idea with AIEnhancing Cognitive Superiority of Humanity

It all begins with a great idea – we believe in that. But ideas don’t build empires unless it is executed efficiently. In a mobile-first the world, execution translates into having powerful mobile app development based on artificial intelligence technologies and marketing it to a global audience base. With HAAI, we can build, market, scale and improve your product and help you to grow!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Speech Recognition


Cognitive Learning

Machine Learning

Text & Speech Analytics

Object Recognition Platform

Bringing AI to everyday business Building next-gen businesses with Data Science

Artificial Intelligence here to stay and we wish to make it available and accessible to all. Today, AI is the backbone for several businesses across domains. At Day One Technologies, we understand how much businesses stand to lose without adapting AI and ML. With HAAI, we aim to make smart use of data science, BI and analytics, to help businesses make their mark.

Whether for E-Commerce, Food Tech, Fin Tech, Automobile, Healthcare or any other, AI is the future, and this is where HAAI will take you!

Our Technology Stack

Data Science & Analytics
Data Visualization
Data Warehouse
Backend Frontend API.


Periscope Data

Amazon Web Services

Node JS
Angular JS

Success Stories with HAAI How HAAI has helped businesses transform

By getting businesses mobile-first we are making them future-ready. Our services for HAAI are for the next-gen businesses, scalable, adaptable and performance driven. Some of our most recent and successful stories include:

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TOLLR – Smarter Toll Payments


TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

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