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UI/UX Designs that tell Stories

The new chapter in innovative technology

PiXL – the dreams of storytellers. There’s magic when visual storytelling is at play. The reality of lofty, raw ideas getting mirrored into breathtaking visuals, presented in a rational flow. UI/UX done right is magical and at PiXL we create that magic everyday!

PiXL Design Studio is no ordinary UI/UX design company. It is a one-of-a-kind experience designing unit that help businesses stay competitive in the digital world through breakthrough UI/UX designs and visuals. With our Innovation Team at work, we dive into taking your product vision into reality, shaped into a feasible, industry leading solutions.

After all, at PiXL Design Studio we honor our role as your UI/UX solutions provider and are committed to deliver a never-before experience through every step of the designing journey.

Transforming Businesses with Designs

At the core of product that we build at Day1, lies the principles of visual hierarchy. The principle that makes our designs extraordinary, appealing and result-driven. Our designs are a treat to the eye, futuristic, functional, offering user-friendly smart technology experiences.

As a UI/UX design technology partner designing for us is a collaborative game plan that works best with understanding. We consider it our privilege to have in our team some of the best minds and creative thinkers in the business, and together we are here to make your dreams real – visually!

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Introduction (understanding user needs and goals)

Problem Statement Exposition

Branding Considerations

Design Creation Process
(Ideate design concepts)

Dependencies &
Deliverables (execute
design concepts)

5S Design Strategy
(build prototype, test
and deliver)

The Product Blueprint with PiXL

Driving Innovation and Engagement with Human Centric UI/UX Design Services

Sophistication and simplicity is what makes PiXL stand out from the rest. On the one hand, we embody finesse into our design and development process; on the other, we follow a human centric designing approach keeping in mind whom we are building it for.

As a leading UI/UX design and development company, we understand how colors, typography, accessibility, navigation etc. play its unique role in engaging with the user, and employ elements that deliver the perfect user experience.

Complementing our designs, is great technology, backed by AR/VR, AI and machine learning. Websites and mobile applications today , are after all are not just about stellar designs, but the technology that renders them. Our UI/UX designing process adheres by a detail oriented 5 Stage design (5S) process, that will not leave you disappointed.

The 5S Design Process

Discovery & Functionality Map
Art Direction
UI Design & User Interface Workflow
The design specification for Engineering team

Project Scope

Functionality map document

Feedback & Approval

High-fidelity wireframe

Feedback & Approval

Interaction with UI/Design teams

Art Direction screens

Feedback & Approval

End-to-end Application UI workflow document

Engineering team review

Feedback & Approval

UI assets

Convert designs to pages

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landscape of Mobile App Development

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