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RPA services

Understand the Basics

Automation has many benefits - cost efficiencies, resource optimization, improved customer experiences, it’s an endless list, that’s probably why there’s significant rise in the list of companies using RPA solutions. First, let’s understand the basics of RPA.

What is RPA?

RPA is a technology that makes use of bots to automate repetitive rule-based tasks. The bots can emulate human tasks, and can seamlessly be integrated with other business processes to function 24/7.

Is RPA and AI technology the same?

As a leading AI solutions company let’s bust some myths here. RPA bots are programmed to perform specific tasks, they cannot make cognitive decisions.

AI systems on the other hand are intelligent, and can be trained for problem solving, decision making, especially by integrating machine learning and deep learning solutions.

As a RPA services company though integration between RPA and AI tech results in better efficiencies, they are not the same. And that alone is the first decision your business needs to make – Automation or Intelligence?

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RPA as a Service

Solutions and How we help

Automation in processes have been a savior for businesses and customers alike. From the monotonous task of form-fills (from previously input data) to seamless onboarding of new employees (HR functionalities), RPA applications have brought about a new definition for efficiency.

At Day One, we believe that as we take a step into the world of smart devices and emerging tech, automation will play a key role. As a leading RPA service provider we can help businesses transition from legacy based manual processes to technology driven automation, seamlessly. How? Let’s find out.

RPA Consultancy

As a top RPA company our Advisory and Consultancy services begin with need analysis, i.e. we seek to understand if RPA is the desired solution for your business or not. We also help in identifying the architecture, tools, processes and build a strategy to help with implementation.

Design Automation

There are several RPA trends that are emerging constantly, and our approach is to take one thing at a time. Based on project scope we build COEs to identify the processes for bot development. We also outline the bot development process including testing and implementation. In short, we analyze, plan and implement, to help you scale with ease.

RPA bot Development

Building a RPA bot for business comes with its own set of challenges. From the obvious one of identifying the right RPA tools to the monetary challenges, to the availability of RPA experts, integration and more. Fortunately, our RPA software solutions take all of this into account. From creating POCs to API integration, we are here as your partner in your RPA journey.

RPA Implementation

The best RPA companies today understand the need for seamless integration. Businesses today leverage a wide range of tech solutions, including AI, chatbots, machine learning services etc. With Day One, our teams analyze tech in existing process and help in end-to-end implementation. We test for quality, validate performance and deploy.

Support and

RPA bot development is only the beginning. There’s a lot more that follows next. From providing support in integration with existing processes, to training staff, to monitoring bot performance, resolving defects, identifying opportunities, and resolving complaints/queries, with Day One as your RPA partner, there’s little you will have to worry about.

Custom RPA System

We know your business is unique and has its specific needs. As a top RPA partner in USA we build custom RPA applications that help to solve your business problem. Easy to integrate into existing processes (software, cloud, CMS) our RPA solutions are the right fit for all – from startups to enterprises.

RPA Services for IT and

Automation brings efficiency to processes. From reducing downtime to identifying system threats, to sending security alerts, or even providing 360 degree services for enhancing the customer experience, with RPA development services it’s a ROI centric culture we are setting up for you.

RPA Managed Services

Businesses should focus more on strategy and innovation; technology should manage the rest. With our RPA solutions we build platforms that can easily be integrated into existing systems to seamlessly manage and monitor. From identifying defects to troubleshooting, and customer support 24/7, we are looking at end-to-end RPA managed services for efficiency in your business processes.

Industry Solutions with RPA

The gamut of automation and AI has reached businesses across all industry verticals. From startups to enterprises, the need for automation is for all. RPA use cases are increasing in number as more businesses are turning to it not just a good-to-have technology, but a priority.