Robotic Process Automation Error-proof solutions for a dynamic world
Robotic Process Automation

RPA: Achieving business goals one step at a time

Building a convenient world

With increasing demands of consumers, cut-throat competition from start-ups and other sources, a single mistake can be pricy. No one can afford to make a single mistake, as any mistake will cost them. It will not only cost money, but it will also cost time, energy and financial resources on legal procedures.

At Day1 Technologies, we understand the importance of error-prone tasks and how to reduce the chances of it occurring by deploying RPA’s.
We provide custom-built RPA’s for your company after understanding the requirements. This saves you time in hiring, decision-making as well as accounting.

This is where our RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions come into play. Repetitive, boring and mundane tasks can be easily automated and achieved without requiring an entire manual workforce. They are rule-based, so there’s no human judgment. This helps in several monotonous tasks. Most importantly, there will never be a single mistake.

Transformation through Automation Building successful business outcomes

Automation has already been deployed at a variety of industries and there’s a good chance you might have seen it in action already. Automation is being deployed across Banking, Human Resource, Healthcare, Insurance and even in Government! Right from issues like customer support to clearance of claims is being solved by RPA. From the looks of it, it will be needed in each and every sector extremely soon.

Building an RPA involves understanding the scope of RPA in your organization, optimizing those processes, understanding the journey of RPA and how it will be developed and deployed. These require careful mapping and resource planning.

Apps for Wearables:

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Identifying the scope of RPA

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Identify and optimize processes

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Proposition of RPA journey

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Design and develop

Expand the scope

Choosing the right RPA

Convenience in your hands

Even though there are several RPA softwares in the market, you need one that’s custom-built for your business, as your business has it’s own unique needs and wants. We come with the best technology stack in the market, design RPA’s which are built to support any application, with user-friendly interfaces and easy to manage. Our experts are trained in all tools which you might require for your RPA to be designed. Mentioned below are the most popular tools:

Tools for RPA
Blue Prism
Automation Anywhere
Open Span

Success Stories with our Mobile App Designs How our Mobile solutions have helped businesses transform

From developing mobile apps for enterprises to small-scale startups, our services have helped businesses drive success through mobile solutions. Some of our most recent and successful stories include:

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TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

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