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RPA Technology and Software Solutions

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What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Isn’t it cool when forms auto-fills (based on previously fed data)? Or when health insurance claims are processed faster and error-free? Or when HR teams are seamlessly able to onboard new employees?  Yes, these are some of the everyday examples of RPA tools and technology used in business, and as a top RPA service provider in USA, India, UK, Canada, Singapore, UAE and other countries, we can help you get there. 

Robotic Process Automation or RPA refers to software that can be programmed to do rule-based tasks across processes/applications without human intervention. Bot technology is one of the most coveted and sought-after tech as businesses worldwide are implementing it to:

  • Reduce resource cost and time, operational risks and manual errors
  • Automate business processes, improve employee productivity and work satisfaction
  • Improve customer service and experience 
  • Draw meaningful analytics and insights
  • Government compliance adherence

Automation is no longer a wonder technology. It’s the driving tech in business processes and a trendsetter worldwide. As a custom RPA software design and development company, let’s help you gear up and prepare for a new tomorrow. 

Automating processes with the top RPA bot development company
Application of RPA bot across Industries

Current market and business scenarios have fueled a soaring interest in cost-effective, value-driven cognitive technology like AI and Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation. There are some interesting trends in RPA adoption by industries, the most prominent being:

  • Industry-wide adoption of RPA RPA technology solutions across: Healthcare, BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics etc. 
  • New markets and growth in companies using RPA software across North America and APAC (Singapore, India etc.)
  • A clear RPA implementation strategy in businesses including resource training, skills upgrade, process integration with IT etc.
  • Greater focus and investments in RPA platforms IT security and compliance

Building an RPA platform that delivers as such begins by looking at the overall scope of the project, scalability and flexibility issues, and the overall organizational culture and goals. We are among the best RPA vendors in the market today and help to bring bot technology into your company in the most effective way.  

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Identifying the scope of RPA

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Proposition of RPA journey

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Why Day One is the Best RPA services companies

Selecting the right RPA bot builder for your company

It is no surprise but the RPA market is growing exponentially. It is estimated that by 2025 it will reach a market size of US$ 7.2 billion (Source: That is an incredible figure to look forward to. The important thing to remember here is that with innovation, the scope of automation has also scaled. RPA platform development was initially considered primarily for enterprises only, especially those with numerous processes and repetitive tasks. Today there is scope for RPA in small businesses, startups and medium size companies, and enterprises alike. It’s not easy, but we can do it for you.  

Some of the ways, we at Day One, as your open-source RPA product developer make things better include:

  • Trained and experienced RPA bot developers
  • Expert team to identify the right RPA tools and RPA platforms
  • Affordable RPA solutions for implementation (on-premise and cloud solutions)
  • Strict NDA to keep your product ideas safe with us 
  • Adherence to timeline and a dedicated support team
Tools for RPA
Blue Prism
Automation Anywhere
Open Span

Success Stories: AI and RPA bot automation Multi-platform, multi-device, multi-tech integration

The number of companies using RPA solutions is at an all time high. Everyone is looking at reducing costs, improving efficiency, keeping their human resources engaged in cognitive roles etc. It is true that bot technology can do all of that, and with the integration of AI, the possibilities are endless. It is natural as such to wonder “How much does it cost to build RPA bots?” or “How much time does RPA implementation take?” As a leading RPA solutions provider we can assure you that the value it brings, outweighs every other concern. Still have questions? Check out some of our RPA cases for clarity and to learn more.

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