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Business benefits of AI Assistant development Virtual Assistant solutions

‘What is a Virtual Assistant?’ and how does it help business? A Virtual Assistant or AI Assistant or Automated Personal Assistant is an AI platform that helps users to complete simple/complex tasks through voice based commands. Think Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby and Cortana. Today, there are not just household names but the medium for brands to engage customers and collect/collate data. Every input into these smart devices corresponds to data for business insights and are being leveraged by brands in new product development, customer support solutions, sales and marketing, product recommendation, and much more.
As a top Virtual Assistant platform development company, our goal at Day One is to aid brands in leveraging and making the most of available technology. Building a VA system is a complex process and considering the business value it brings, we recommend it.

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What we offer: Our Services for Virtual Assistant Development

Consumers today are spending more time than even on their smart devices. Not surprisingly, technology is innovating. From revolutionizing retail with AR/VR development services to how AI based chatbots are facilitating customer support in banking, the age of Artificial Intelligence is here. From wearables to mobile applications, IoT devices and smart home devices, there is room for AI innovation everywhere.

Social Media AI

When it comes to the types of Virtual Assistants, a social media VA is one of the most popular in used. Also known as a Digital Assistant, these VAs can do end-to-end social media activities for brands. From doing research for identifying trends, to creating content and scheduling posts, to monitoring post performance, tracking metrics and mentions, replying to post message, the right AI Assistant can manage and monitor user engagement on social platforms 24/7.

Virtual Assistants for
Administrative functions

General Administrative Virtual Assistant development services were one of the first uses of VAs. Businesses realized that automating certain tasks would help to bring efficiency and productivity in the right direction. Voice-based AI Personal Assistants can do a wide range of administrative tasks including – appointment setting, scheduling calendar meeting, setting alarms/reminders, planning travel itineraries, proofreading documents, verifying/validating documents, building reports/graphs from spreadsheets, etc. VAs are distinct and shouldn’t be confused with RPA development solutions for rule-based tasks.

SAI Assistants for Finance
and Accounting

The financial aspects of business always require close attention. Even tiny lapses can result in economic loss. From invoicing to bookkeeping, vendor payments to payroll, conversational commerce (online sales) to product tracking and inventory management, Virtual Assistant development as a Service has scaled immensely over the years to support businesses with diverse functionalities and services.

AI Personal Assistant for
Marketing and Sales

Smart devices are the new age currency for staying in touch with users and customers – and when it comes to businesses, the marketing and sales team can leverage it to the next level with VAs. As a voice-based Virtual Assistant development company we build solutions that can drive sales and marketing through – lead generation, product recommendations, survey feedbacks, scheduling newsletters, product launch, customer support, and more.

Virtual Assistants for
Customer Support

With the adoption of AI solutions in business, customer support has witnessed 360-degree transformation. No longer do customers need to wait in queue to be attended on calls. VAs in banking, retail, Edtech, etc. can effectively help users with their queries, share information, recommend personalized products faster, in a consistent, round the clock fashion. This has not only led to demand for process integration with other cognitive technologies but also relevant AI technologies such as AI chatbot development services.

eCommerce AI Assistants

VA development in the world of eCommerce has scaled beyond measure. From taking voice-based commands for search to integrating AR/VR solutions for creating a virtual or augmented environment, this is an experience like never before. Advanced use of VA technology in eCommerce also includes the adoption of HVA or Holographic virtual assistants. These new-age technology create scope for brands to draw keen insights on their users, build products that cater to personalized tastes, and even showcase a diverse product range to a wider audience base.

Top industries using
Virtual Assistants

It goes without saying that Virtual Assistants can be used across all industry verticals. VAs can be employed across business processes to streamline tasks and automate functions. However, there are certain industry sectors, especially those that rely more on customer experiences and documentation, that can leverage Virtual Assistant technology to make the most of it.

Ed Tech

IT Consultancy

Real Estate

Healthcare & Wellness

Retail & eCommerce

Finance & Accounting

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