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LeadershipOf DayOne

Jayavardhan BN

Chief Executive Officer
Brains, vision and leadership, he is the mastermind behind all the tech and innovation at DayOne. Also throws the best in-house office parties.

Krishna Karthik (Kim)

Chief Strategy Officer
Manages client projects and the business growth plans, he can speak ‘strategy’ and ‘spaghetti’ with equal easy charm.

Vijay Rai

Chief Growth Officer
It’s all about leveling up for him. Whether for brand, business or team, he is the systematic growth-driver at DayOne.

Mudassar Ahamed

Head of Delivery
There are no ‘Delays’ in product delivery because of this guy. He is smart, suave and knows how to plan, schedule, coordinate and get the job done in time.

Munawar khel

Head of Design
‘Looks great, Works even better’ that’s the mantra for our UX/UI Design head, managing aesthetics, functionality and excellence round the clock.

Ravi Kumar PYV

Head of Marketing
The go-to person for all digital campaigns, social media and marketing game plans, he is all about the ROI from the ‘clicks’ (on campaigns and camera)

Todd Hatcher

Business Manager - USA
Todd is an attorney, writer and researcher with a special focus on proposal writing and management. He is passionate about sustainability and an equitable future.

Commitment. Performance. Excellence.

A powerhouse of the best minds available, we think, plan and execute together as a team.

Who We Are

We are a bunch of creative and strategic Thinkers and Doers. We are curious and focused. We brainstorm, experiment, innovate and build value-driven digital products. It’s as sane and simple as that.

Who We Are Not

Slacker, unimaginative, monotonous, routine, outdated. All of this, we are not.

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