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Key Concepts in Facial Recognition technology

What is Face Recognition?

Let’s begin by first understanding what is facial recognition? A component of biometric identification systems, facial recognition is the technology that recognizes people’s faces from photos (images), videos or in-real time to confirm their identity.

How is facial recognition systems used in business?

The most commonplace application of the technology is in unlocking smartphones with FaceID (Apple). As an iOS app development company, we know how popular this feature is because of the additional security it provides. The advanced tech is now being used in building mobile apps as well, to offer additional level of security to individual applications. Similarly, it has scope in education, banking, retail, healthcare, and other industries.

What is Emotion AI?

Also known as Affective Computing, Emotion AI is the study of training machines to understand and simulate human emotions (or sentiments) from their voice, body languages, and facial expressions. Emotion AI consulting services is helpful in business as it communicates how a user/customer is feeling about a product/service and how it might affect decision making.

What is Image Processing in AI?

Image processing involves running a specific image processing algorithm to draw insights/information from an image or improve the quality of an image (analogue and digital). From the more common task of photo editing using mobile apps, to classify images by categories (tags) using pattern recognition, the AI technology has numerous business benefits.

Face Recognition in Image Processing
And how it benefits modern businesses

When it comes to the benefits of smart facial recognition technology modern businesses are discovering unique ways of using it. While photo tagging on social media platforms are the most common form of general use of face recognition, there are several other business benefits it brings.

User/Data Privacy

Public Security

User Authentication

Work Attendance and Productivity

Device control

Sentiment Analysis and Emotion AI

Object Recognition and Counting

Edge Detection


Industry specific Use Cases of Facial Recognition technology

The power of Artificial Intelligence has led to a 360 degree transformation in how brands connect with their users. With deep learning and Computer Vision development services for instance, brands are now able to detect emotions and draw insights from faces; news platforms can use the software to identify celebrity faces in events; banks can integrate with mobile applications and simplify the customer verification process.

At Day One we build software and offer Facial Recognition solutions to help businesses leverage the technology. From startups to enterprises, if you have a need, we have a custom solution ready.

Industry Recognition Awards & Recognition

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AppFutura Design
Awards 2019
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Our Face Recognition and Image Processing Process

Visual recognition using AI technologies is a non-intrusive way of verification. While there are often concerns raised on general privacy yet the benefits and value addition the technology brings cannot be ignored. The technology is known for enhancing the customer experience, saving time and costs, and providing improved personalized service.
At Day One, with our Facial Identity Recognition services we are building software solutions that tailored for niche business requirements. Or process is adaptive, our solutions scalable, and secure.
Discovery Workshop & Chatbot Consultation
Business Analytics & R&D
Face Recognition and Detection API
Face detection/identification, facial landmarks, attribute matching, compare, results
Deployment, Training and Implementation

Building Tools

When it comes to the best algorithms for face recognition and AI based image processing solutions there’s innovation taking place round the clock. At Day One while building apps and platforms that feature this technology, some of the tools and technologies we use include:

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