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Website vs Web App Design and Development

The difference and what’s good
for business

What is a Web App?

Web applications (eg. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) are essentially websites (i.e. accessible through browsers) that are dynamic, interactive, and engaging. They require advanced programming for development, are aesthetically better designed, and offer greater value to the user.

Website or Web App?
What’s good for business?

Website vs Web App – it’s an endless debate! AT Day One, we understand that both offer value-based on your target audience, business purposes, and the desired outcome. When we provide web app consultancy services our goal is to first understand our client’s vision and offer technology solutions. Web apps have been game changers in recent years. They can be customized, are interactive, and can also store user data.  Considering current needs of businesses aiming for data-driven decision making and personalization, that one thing you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Industry based Custom Web App

Web app for

Health & Wellness | Singapore | Web app

Day One Technologies worked collaboratively with Singapore-based Fit for Work to build a web-app for ergonomics. The company was previously using an outdated platform, with data being collected via excel sheets. Our custom software development services for web app solutions would automate the entire process of data collection, storing, and analysis, for improved insights and recommendations. With AI technology, we were further able to add value-added features and functionalities including multimedia questionnaire that kept users engaged on the platform.

Web App Development Solutions

High Performance Web App Development

Industry wide Web app systems

We are living in the mobile-first generation. Your users and customers spend more time with their smartphones than any other device. Whether it is for reading/sending emails, or spending time on social media, or browsing content for information - it’s the mobile device that’s by their side all the time. As a web app development service provider, we can help your brand reach its audience in a smart, reliable and effective way. Building powerful, scalable, visually aesthetic web apps is our forte, and we offer it to you, across verticals, across industries.

How we build Web Apps for business

The initial days of web app development came with its own challenges. Today, the nature of challenges have changed. Today, it is more about balancing performance (technology) with design/experience (UI/UX). As a top web app development company for mobile and desktops, we keep the process simple yet effective. Our goal is to understand your need, share our knowledge and build a powerful solution in collaboration.


Analytics &

Design &

Native app
Development &

App Release/
Support &

Custom Web App Development

AR/VR enabled Web
app for EdTech

EdTech | Singapore | Web app | AI | Mobile Apps | AR/VR

The team at Day One collaborated with Singapore-based, Vere360 on an interesting project for web and mobile application development for their AR/VR powered immersive learning EdTech platform. We built a desktop and mobile app that’s user-friendly, rich in features, and functionalities (eg. multimedia content, easy share etc.), and driven by AI solutions for drawing data-driven insights. As an AI development company, this was a project that gave us the opportunity to use the best of cognitive and immersive technologies.

Web App Tools and Tech stack

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