Our portfolio of digital mobility solutions ranges from mobile app development, enterprise software to wearables and blockchain based development. We get to the core of your idea and suggest the most suited platform, technology stack and product strategy for it. Below are a few examples of our most loved work.

Video Blogging Reimagined

Users can share their opinion, ask for feedback or share just about anything with a 60 second video. Interaction is fueled by users responding to videos by their own 60 second video as a response. Each engaging action earns points for the users who are then ranked on a leaderboard.

Smarter toll payments

The app allows the user to discover the tolls on the route to their destination and simply connect their credit card with the app to pay on the go.

Climo for Bosch
Building the next gen real-time climate monitoring dashboard for Bosch.

Bosch Climo dashboard provides remote monitoring the microclimatic data measurements for key air pollutants - PM, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and O3.

Refreshingly new approach to improving the nightlife experience of users while driving...

TTOTO gets you out of the line and back to the party.

Restaurant reservation made smoother.

6awla’s app helps you find new restaurants; view restaurant menus, reviews, and photos.

A solution for application of training knowledge within the workplace.

The app takes care of the individual employee’s training needs and employs gamification to engage the user and get them hooked to learning.