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The role of Design in smart devices

Experience UI/UX Designing solutions

Designing is more than how a product looks - it’s got to do with how the user feels or experiences it. It is more than shapes and colors and is a blend of science and art. As a top mobile app development company, at Day One we understand that great design begins with having a great understanding of the user and the user journey. That’s why we work with a team that prioritizes the user experience to create futuristic, eye-catching, user-friendly designs, that simplify and deliver.

User Experience Design

As a top UI/UX design service provider we believe that good design is for everybody. We have worked with enterprise-grade businesses and startups alike and understand that what makes or breaks a product is its UI interface and UX design. Our solutions as such caters to all, providing an enriching experience at every point.

Data Transparency with logs maintained on each transaction

Data Transparency with logs maintained on each transaction

Decentralized, traceable and electronic peer-to-peer

Limited and authorized access for modification for data integrity

Decentralized platform with data being stored on all devices

World-class security and reliability, with data stored in multiple locations

Our UI/UX App Designing Process

At the core of PIXL Design Studio is great designs that blends style with sophistication, contemporary with user-friendly, innovation with experience. It’s a human centric approach we take to the UI/UX design process, that is, we design to delight the user while keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

From color to typography, app navigation to interfaces, CTA positions to image selection, it’s the best minds working on it. Here’s what our app UI/UX design solutions look like!

Step 1

Discovery and Functionality Map

Requirement analysis, market research, competitor study, user journey, business goals – discovery is the stage we look into all of this and more. 

  • Project Scope
  • Functionality Map Document
  • Feedback and Approval
Step 02


The blueprint, or rather the visual storytelling of the application/platform. Storyboarding, information architecture, style/brand guidelines, user stories, this is where it is all done.

  • High fidelity wireframe
  • Feedback and Approval
Step 03

Art Direction

It’s the actual visualization! It’s sketching, adding colors, features and elements for that detailed impact.

  • Interaction with UI/UX design team
  • Art Direction screens
  • Feedback and Approvals
Step 04

UI Design and User Interface Workflow

Taking our user experience design services to next level with a detailed workflow for each screen.

  • End-to-end Application UI workflow document
  • Engineering team review
  • Feedback and Approval
Step 05

Design Specifications for Engineering

Whether doing UX for AI development solutions or for AR/VR apps, or IoT connected devices, this is where we provide design specifications for engineering teams for prototyping, POC and MVP.

  • UI Assets
  • Convert design to pages

More in our UI/UX Design portfolio

UI/UX Consulting Services

Not sure of how your app should look and feel? As a custom software development company we know how daunting it is for businesses to finalize the UI/UX. With our app consulting solutions and UI/UX design consulting services, we can help your in-house team to understand the grey areas, the merits and pitfalls of design even before rolling with app development.

UI/UX Strategy Development

Whether you are building an AI powered app or a website, or a landing page for lead generation, strategy is crucial. Our UI/UX strategy services centers around aligning product design to business goals. We understand markets, target audience, even budget to align it to a comprehensive plan while adhering to the principles of visual hierarchy and good design.

PIXL Studio for UI/UX Upgrade

Sometimes what a business really need is an upgrade – a leveling up from its static state. PIXL Design Studio was built with the idea to help businesses, large and small, internalize designing. From helping UI/UX designers brush up core concepts and tools to conducting demo-workshops, if your team needs a UI/UX upskill, we are here for it!

Industry wide Design Solutions

Businesses are going mobile-first today. Smartphones and connected devices are the means for engaging with users and applications play a key role in it. Make sure it’s done great!

We are among the best UI and UX design and development companies in USA, APAC and Europe. Sophisticated, trending and performance driven, PIXL is the answer to your brand’s designing future.

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