Video blogging (Vlogging) reimagined!

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Industry: Social Media and Entertainment

Services Offered: iOS mobile app development, UI/UX designs, Digital Marketing solutions

Core Technologies Used: MongoDB, Express and Node.js

Country: UAE, Dubai

Project Duration: 3-5 Months

One Thing About Me or 1TAM is a Dubai based social vlogging platform that allow users to express themselves, seek opinions, share feedback and connect with like-minded individuals worldwide through unfiltered 60 seconds vlogs (i.e. video-blog). Day One as top mobile app development company was selected and tasked with building a powerful, performance-driven iOS mobile application, that would provide the next-level user experience while ensuring content security, easy streaming of video and user engagement. It was a time when brands were looking at video-based content as a means of engaging their audiences, and this is our story how we helped 1TAM bring innovation to the market, and how with our app marketing services we helped the brand grow in popularity and user base within a short period of time.

How the journey

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Challenges and what we did about it

While conceptually 1TAM was unique, an important aspect of building the iOS app was to introduce innovative features. 1TAM was being modeled as a social video blogging app where users should express themselves, post 1 minute videos, answer questions in video format, and even send messages as videos. Engaging as the idea and the features were, we knew we were facing competition with global brands as well. Facebook for instance had LIVE videos, Snapchat and Instagram also had video options (which in 2021 includes Reels, Live, Guides among others).

Technology apart, our challenge here was - What would 1TAM USP be?

Features, Plugins & Integration

This would be a first-of-its kind platform for video interactions.

The challenge was to introduce unique features, while maintaining ease of user, content security and privacy, and to keep it engaging enough to resemble the connect of F2F interactions.

UI/UX & Tech

Visual appeal and seamless video connection was the USP of this platform. Considering that the success of the app was based on how effectively users could share their opinions and express themselves with other users through video content, UI/UX and Technology was a top priority.

Rewards & Loyalty

To keep the platform engaging, the idea was to introducing a powerful pointing-earning system. Having worked on POC projects in Rewards and Loyalty, we understood the role it played in user retention.

With our digital product marketing services, our team built strategies to boost downloads and grow the user base.

The Final Experience

With 1TAM, the team at Day One built an app that brought innovation in designs and robust technology. The plan was to build and launch a powerful iOS app, learn from the feedback received and then proceed to building Android app solutions.

We also engaged the services of our product launch and marketing teams to take the app to a global audience

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