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6awla is a platform to find, explore, reserve, and manage restaurant reservations free and instantly—anytime, anywhere.

6awla’s app helps you find new restaurants; view restaurant menus, reviews, and photos.

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Desktop, Mobile

Technology Stack

Native iOS & Android App, MongoDB, Express and Node.js


Restaurant reservation for a big group is a daunting exercise. Coordinating plans with friends, reserving the restaurant and scheduling the time for it on your busy day. The team at 6AWLA wanted to make the restaurant reservation experience hassle-free.

ThinkingStrategy & Approach

Day1 built an automatic booking recommendation module to optimize the booking experience for users and to avoid any delay. This solution made it seamless for even a large group of people to book a table trying with different cuisines and checking availability for their group of friends. The backend system reduced the intervention from the restaurant side by booking the table automatically. This ensured a faster booking experience while optimizing table allocation at the restaurant.

A real-time dashboard for restaurant admins and separate Host app for restaurant waiters enables them to take control over the automated process in case they want to optimize the allocation for walk-in customers and any cancellation/staff/kitchen issues.

ResultFinal Experience

An intuitive UX and UI design of the Website, Restaurant portal & Host app to manage the booking.

Development of Native iOS application using SWIFT 4 supporting all devices from iPhone 5SE to the latest iPhoneX Development of the native Android application to support devices XXHDPI and XXXHDPI and Android OS 5.5 and above.

Fully responsive Web portal developed using ReactJS and a highly scalable backend architecture developed using NodeJS and MongoDB database.