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Industry: Brokerage Firms (BFSI)

Services Offered: Native iOS and Android App development

Core Technologies Used: Android native, iOS native

Country: Singapore

Project Duration: 6+ Months

Based out of Singapore, Fullerton Markets is one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in Asia, With its latest offering, ‘PipProfit’ a powerful iOS and Android mobile app, it aims to streamline and improve user experience and engagement. With safety of funds and speed of execution as its USP, the firm aims at leveraging its strengths as it adapts to the mobile-first user base. As a top mobile app development company, and as their selected technology partner, Day One’s role was to help Fullerton Markets build and launch the new-age PipProfit. And this is our story.

How the journey

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Challenges we faced

While building the app for Fullerton Markets our primary challenge has been with integrating the existing system, to build a scalable architecture to support mobile applications on top of the existing platform. Simply put, they already had a web platform but realizing the missed business opportunities without a mobile application, were not keen on building and converting their existing web platform into mobile.

PipProfit functions as a comprehensive platform that offers vital updates on events, helps users with key news, and can be accessed without location constraints. In its current version, one can even create trending accounts using the PipProfit appThis involved building a comprehensive platform, that would collate and presents relevant trading resources/information in one place, so as to keep one updated on events, offerings and relevant news from Fullerton Markets.

Web to Mobile App

Realizing the potential of the mobile-first generation, the immediate POA was to scale from a web to mobile platform

Convert Content

Proprietary content, PDF files, trading documents. All material initially built for the web (larger screen) now had to be converted so as to keep it readable on mobiles.

Design & Development

Include dual light and dark theme (back when the design theme was new and trending), show useful features/ keep hidden features, maintain the theme of the brand and platform while designing the UI/UX for mobile.

What we did

Our Solutions

Our strategy included leveraging our native mobile app development solutions for iOS and Android, with the best design and technology to deliver an unmatched user experience. The team brainstormed to identify existing drawbacks, dependencies, challenges, market trends, competition etc. A systematic approach to UI/UX and development followed, along with integration with the relevant platforms.

We also included some interesting features for engagement. For instance, the ‘easy deposit and withdrawal’ feature allowed users to view their trading account and transfer funds with 100% safety and convenience.

The Final Experience

Day One has built an app that is easy-to-access, powerful and performance driven. The journey has not been easy, especially for UI/UX design services, but a learning and growing experience for our team. Fullerton Markets’s PipProfit today is one of the leading trading apps in APAC and it’s a matter of pride and honour for us to be a part of its journey.

iOS and Android App

By building a native iOS and Android app, the platform can now tap both mobile and desktop audiences across the APAC market.

Improved Security & Service

With Live Chat and additional layers of filter for security, the mobile platform offres security in transaction and easy access to customer support, 24//7

Built for the Future

Fullerton Markets wanted to be ready for the mobile generation, and the app we built incorporates the best of multimedia, interactive content etc. to keep it sleek and modern.

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