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Industry: Health and Wellness

Services Offered: iOS/Android app development, AI solutions, website development, product launch and digital marketing

Core Technologies Used: Node.js, Backend, Mongo DB

Country: United States

Project Duration: Marketing activities ongoing
Product Development: 4-6 months

Accessible anytime, anywhere through an innovative mobile app, SOS Method is meditation reinvented, the art and science of wellbeing that works in as little as 5 minutes even when the mind is not still. Its Special Formula Meditations, Discovery Programs and Life Tools, help to power up and instill calm and positivity, and provide relief from stress, anxiety, burnout, sleeplessness and more. Users can also track progress, share stories with friends and family, and help to build a community as they take a step towards their wellness journey. As a top mobile app development company in USA and India, this is the story of how we at Day One collaborated and worked to build an app that’s high on performance and user experience.

How the journey

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Goal Setting

Before digging deep into the project requirements, challenges, our strategy and approach for success, let’s first understand the basic goals to achieve. In addition to business goals there were the additional target for UI/UX app design services and product development. This set the stage for a new chapter in Day One’s and SOS Method’s journey.

Revamp and build a native iOS and Android app

Add new features/ functionalities, device testing, AI integration, stabilize app (Phase 1)

Redesign UI/UX, to focus on increasing engagement, installations, navigation, and retention etc.

Additional Requirements: Timeline of 3-4 months for product development + 6 weeks for app launch (5 regions)

Fix bugs, eliminate performance issues, add security filters (proprietary content)

Phase 2: Conceptualize app requirements for B2B sector

The Roadblocks!

We didn’t expect a smooth sail. Our team was ready for
the challenge, and yes we did face many!

The Final Experience

We built a next-gen app that’s easy-to-use and can be accessed on the go. With exciting app features such as offline mode, favorites, filters, badges, journals etc. the app has been developed keeping the end user in mind. The app is also design-centric and technologically sound, with several layers of security added (for proprietary content) to avoid hacking or leaks.

The app has already been launched in global markets and has earned high traction from targeted markets.

Increase in app downloads within 3 months of launch

Increase in user retention within first 6 months

Ratings on iOS and Android platforms

Downloads from one region in one month only (Jan’2020)

The native iOS and Android apps currently caters to three target audience groups - Guests, Registered individuals (free), Subscribed users (paid). Guest users can only access free content.

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