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Tollr is a smart cashless digital payment system to pay for tolls and reduce the wait time.

The app allows the user to discover the tolls on the route to their destination and simply connect their credit card with the app to pay on the go.

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Desktop, Mobile - iOS and Android

Technology Stack

Native iOS & Android App Node JS, Express JS, MongoDB


Managing intersections for millions of commuters each day, the Texas Toll Authority had a unique challenge. How to provide a convenient payment system to it’s residents and passers by while reducing the wait time at the tolls. All this without using their mobile phones!

ThinkingStrategy & Approach

Day1 came up with a revolutionary payment concept that saves time while reducing the digital infrastructure investment on toll booths by 98%. Based on smart military grade geofencing capturing geo location of the user with greater accuracy to track lane changes, the app would connect seamlessly to the toll authority systems providing the ability to the user to make the payment on the go. Integration with Siri to command the app enables payment deduction even without manually operating the app.

ResultFinal Experience

The native iOS application was developed using SWIFT 4 supporting iPhone 5SE to the latest iPhoneX. The native Android applicaiton developed to support devices XXHDPI and XXXHDPI and Android OS 5.5 and above. Fully responsive Web portal developed using AngularJS and a highly scalabe backend architecure developed using NodeJS and MongoDB database.

The apps run on smart military grade geo-fencing capability capturing geo location of the user with higher accuracy to track lane changes. A customer solution was built for Hot-Lanes with predefined exits by fine tuning to capture GPS to the accuracy of less than 3 meters. The backend seamlessly Integrates with the HECTRA backend system for reconciliation of Tollr users from defaulters list and the SIRI integration makes the transaction absolutely smooth.