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Industry: Travel & Tourism

Services Offered: Mobile App Development

Core Technologies Used: Native iOS and Android app development, UI/UX designs

Country: USA

Project Duration: 3+ Months

Tollr is a US based company that was conceptualized with the idea of simplifying toll payments on US highways, through digital, cashless, app-based payments. Originally, built in its beta stage for testing, the plan was to integrate it with state/federal toll collection authorities (such as HCTRA in Texas) as a digital alternative for easy, cashless collection of tolls. The app allowed users to discover tolls on their routes and make hassle-free payments by connecting their credit cards to the app. With Day One’s AI mobile app development services the goal was to build a MVP for iOS and Android app to showcase to the authorities as a modern toll collection platform. The state of Texas with over 25 toll roads, following a public-private ownership model was identified as the first test market.

How the journey

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Core Challenges

The U.S. toll collection system is one of the most advanced form of toll collection. The goal behind an iOS and Android app development was to add efficiency, speed and convenience to the process. Hence, our real challenge was not in building an app - but to keep it rich in innovative features so as to add value to the existing system.

In addition to this, we understood that beyond the POC (Proof of Concept) when the app is actually ready for demo, it will have to have capabilities for easy integration with state legacy systems.

Capturing Geo- Location

The success of the app depended on its ability to collect data by the geo-location of the toll booth i.e. coordinates. The tech had to be sound enough to be able to collect data on latitude and longitude even if the network was poor, i.e. the app had to be operational in online and offline mode.

GPS Precision

Geo-fencing data collection had to be accurate. This meant that the app should be able to notify the user before hand of approaching toll booths, the waiting time, the toll amount and other details with accuracy.
The idea of hotlanes with pre-defined exits, fine tuned to capture GPS of less than 3 meters was considered here.


Integration of the Tollr app with the official backend system of the state/federal toll collection authority.
This would not only simplify payments, but also identify defaulters. This could be technologically challenging considering the exhaustiveness of their backend systems.

Our Strategy

Getting it right

Tollr was one of the initial projects the team at Day One worked on. It was a very challenging project, considering the success of the app depended on its ability to track geo-locations (GPS), facilitate payments, integrate with backend to fetch driver/user details and ensure toll payments. We worked on 2-3 variations of UI/UX designs and solutions to identify the right fit and features. We wanted users to engage with it and use it as a all-in-one app for toll payments, information and location updates.

The Final Experience

Tollr was being built for the future. Today with smartphones, mobile wallets, contactless payments, it is almost impossible to think of conventional payments. Tollr was not just an alternative, but the future of payments in toll collection

The Day One team came up with a revolutionary payment concept that saves time while reducing the digital infrastructure investment on toll booths by 98%!

Based on smart military grade geofencing capturing geo-location of the user with accuracy so as to track lane changes, the app would connect seamlessly to the toll authority systems for payments on the go.

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