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Bringing the fun back to the party

TTOTO gets you out of the line and back to the party.

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Desktop, Mobile

Technology Stack

Native iOS & Android App, Responsive Web Portals


Waiting for the table reservation and huge queues at the bar suck the life out of the party. The TTOTO team wanted a platform that provides a hassle-free experience to partygoers while driving incremental sales for pub owners and restauranteurs.

ThinkingStrategy & Approach

Day1’s UX research team understood the party goer experience and identified steps that created a hindrance. From there, the team set to recreate the user experience focusing on social interaction, real time booking, easy payments and rewards.

The result was a social drinking platform that enabled the user to do easy reservations, quit the physical queue and order directly from the app and use interactive features on the app like real-time chat, offering a drink to another user etc.

ResultFinal Experience

Design and development of the restaurant and events portal along with a host app to manage bookings. The native iOS application was developed using SWIFT 4 supporting all devices from iPhone 5SE to the latest iPhoneX.

The native Android application was developed to support devices XXHDPI and XXXHDPI and Android OS 5.5 and above.

The fully responsive Web portal was developed using NOdeJS and a highly scalale backend architecture developed using NodeJS and MongoDB database.