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How AI and IoT are related AI and IoT Development Services

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Types of Chatbots

The meeting of AI and IoT applications

What is Artificial Intellige-
nce (AI)?

Let’s first understand the how is AI and IoT different.

Put simply, AI technology involves the training of computers/machines to learn from experience (data) and assist in decision making, often without the need for human intervention. It can adjust to new inputs and make human-like cognitive decisions by itself, usually without errors.

App Development with AI Service Solutions

IoT on the other hand refers to connected devices that are enabled with sensors or software, and can collect and share data with each other. It cannot make cognitive decisions.

Not surprisingly, IoT is a hit in several industries especially manufacturing, automotive, logistics, and retail and is of late making its way into regular households as well (think smart factories with IoT and smart cities, smart homes).

It is estimated that AI and IoT technology are among the top technologies in use worldwide, with demand mounting every other day.

Benefit of AI in IoT Sensors and Applications

There’s towering requirement for AI and IoT enabled sensors in the market today. Whether it’s a startup firm or a Fortune company, there’s volumes of big data being generated every minute, and tons of opportunities being missed without data being collected, sorted and analyzed for insights. The advantages of AI and IoT systems therefore is not just a business-specific need, it’s a global phenomenon.

Day One has been a top AI development company with capabilities in machine learning, computer vision, NLP, virtual assistants, chatbots, deep learning and more. We can help businesses build platforms and software (on-premise and cloud) that can seamlessly connect with IoT devices for better data tracking, monitoring and analysis. It’s a world of possibilities and we are just getting started.

Accurate and real-time data collection, evaluation and sharing

Security and Surveillance with restricted area access to authorized personnel only (use of CV technology for observing factory floor etc.)

Reduced downtime on the factory floor and machines with predictive maintenance

Inventory, logistics and supply chain management by keeping record of stock, fleet efficiency, product shelf life and more.

Reduced downtime on the factory floor and machines with predictive maintenance

Role of AI in IoT sensors in Industries

When it comes to industry applications of AI in IoT sensors, we see potential across verticals. With mobile app development services complementing AI platform development and IoT sensor development, it is convenient, cost-effective, and beneficial for businesses to collect data systematically and draw insights from analysis.

While there are ready-to-use, off-the-shelf chatbot systems available in the market and can help with immediate requirements, we recommend custom development for end-to-end functionalities.



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