AI Mobile App Development Services
Intelligent apps for iOS, Android, Wearables, cross-platform
AI Mobile App Development Services

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps
Scaling user engagement with AI and ML tools
Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

AI App Development Company
Applications for Healthcare, FinTech, Banking, EdTech etc.
AI App Development Company

Fixing business ROI with the best AI App Development Company

You think of a business today and you think of mobile apps. You think of a business of tomorrow and you think of an AI powered mobile app! That’s how much Artificial Intelligence has impacted application development. 

As a top AI powered mobile applications development company in USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Singapore among others, we help startups, SMBs and enterprises, to leverage the benefit of AI, Machine Learning, NLP etc., to enhance user engagement and boost revenue. Our applications are sophisticated, tech-driven and custom built for iOS, Android and web platforms, and offer the best in terms of UI/UX designs, analytics and development.

Artificial Intelligence has been a game changer in how intelligent and interactive products are being built. From drawing insights based on usage patterns to making personalized recommendations, there’s a lot that AI can do to improve the mobile experience. At Day One Technologies, as an AI mobile software service provider, our goal is to build applications that last. So let’s get started with it.

AI driven Mobile Application Services: Smart solutions to core challenges
Developing intuitive AI-powered Mobile Apps

AI integration in mobile applications is important. There’s a host of challenges modern businesses face. Solutions as such have to be instant, accurate and cost-effective. All of which can be done with Artificial Intelligence in mobile apps. The larger the business challenge, the smarter the AI solution. Whether in customer service (using NLP based Chatbots for Q&A) or in sales (upselling and cross selling through AI Recmmenders), there is technology today to resolve a business problem.

As an applications development company for mobile and web, we build solutions that are business relevant, intuitive and result driven. With a host of AI technologies we build apps with :

  • Image Recognition Technology
  • Emotion Recognition
  • AI enabled Voice Assistants
  • NLP for Chatbot services
  • Machine Learning platforms
  • Speech Recognition 
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Text Analytics
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks
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What you get with Day One’s Artificial Intelligence Mobile App Development

The role of AI in mobile development has been intense in recent years. Business, small and large understand the value it adds to their applications. AI can analyze data better, automate processes, facilitate decision making, and even connect intuitively with users. Considering that there are over 2 million active apps on the app stores, it’s more than just competition and phone space that brands are fighting for today! 

At Day One  we believe AI apps in smartphones are the future. From making payments through mobile wallets, to tracking health metrics, to managing devices in smart homes, with Machine Learning services, computer vision and AR/VR tech, it’s a mobile-only world that we are headed for. 

We are among the best companies for AI powered iOS and Android application development, and we make it all possible by offering:

  • Native AI driven mobile application design and development 
  • Industry-specific AI architecture and APIs
  • Top features and functionalities and platform integration
  • Competitive rates, timely deliver, agile development, strict NDA


Success Stories: AI Driven Development in Mobile Apps AI App Development Cost and more

It is natural for brands to deliberate over costs when seeking an AI mobile app vendor. At Day One we understand that businesses have budgets and hence offer custom AI powered mobile app development services. Based on the project type and AI platform features, we even build MVPs to get you started with the big dream. Over the years, we have helped businesses to scale and grow, and take an idea from concept to reality with our products and services (Read our Success Stories). And if you see your brand in there, we are eager to hear from you!

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