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What is Automation as a Service ?

Definition of AssS

Automation in business processes is a common parlance in the modern world. What we don’t realize is that automation has already seeped into everyday lives, without us taking much notice of it. From using connected devices for smart homes, to apps for driving instructions, or cameras for surveillance, there’s automation in every walk of life. And this is all the more true for businesses.

Automation technology is evolving and being designed to help business processes manage regular tasks with efficiency and accuracy. As a top company for Automation as a Service, our job at Day One is to help you with the right technology and service solutions, for your business to automate.

Automation as a Service Process


To understand present capabilities, business goals, tech requirements, risks involved

Research &

Market study, tool research, high level process scan, assessment, enablement plan


Use case analysis, feasibility test, tools, bot design and development

Testing &

Bot testing, bug fixes, device testing, demo, KT, implementation, change management

& Support

Track all use cases, data analysis, reports, incidents reports etc. (up to 6 months)

Automation as a Service: The

Businesses worldwide have realized the need for taking workplace automation mainstream. There are far too many complex business challenges that require cognitive decision making and human intelligence. Automation can help with clerical and rule-based routine tasks.

The advantages of AaaS implementation are many and more businesses are taking to it.

Business process operational efficiency with SaaS and service automation

Enhanced customer support and service, reduced response time, 24/7 availability

Increased team collaboration through integrations (eg. CMS)

Seamless data and document management & access-based content security

Organization wide process consistency and transparency

Governance and compliance with timeline and access logs

End-to-end AaaS solutions in Business

It’s a fairly established fact that there’s the need for Automation as a Service in business. And it is not only because businesses are going global and have to manage high volumes of data, or attending to customers at all hours. It is primarily because automation can save the day.

Enterprise grade automation has already picked up pace, and many small businesses are turning to it, to add value to their business. At Day One, we add custom software development services to AaaS, with AI and IoT, to give to our clients the best of the new world of automation. Here’s a look at it.

Robotic Process Automation services

It’s easier for businesses to save on time and cost, and improve employee performance, efficiency with RPA bots for rule-based manual tasks. RPA as a Service for dot development when integrated with existing systems, work seamless, reduces error, and performs 24/7. It is cost-effective and easy-to-deploy in as little as 10-15 days.

IoT Automation services

The age of connected devices and sensors, smart homes, robots, smart factories etc. We are looking at the best of automation solutions for IoT for the businesses of tomorrow. Custom enterprise IoT automation, data analysis, process integration, and AI enabled, it’s not just a service - it’s the digital roadmap for your business.