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Types of Chatbots

And the benefits of Chatbots in business

First things first, ‘What is a chatbot?’ Simply put, a chatbot is a software program, that can interact with human users to comprehend their requests and complete automated tasks.

This explains why businesses are favoring towards adding bots to their processes. It not only saves time and resource costs, but also helps in keeping processes error-free, higher on performance, automated, improving the customer experience through 24/7 support systems, and also assisting business processes such as sales and marketing with lead generation, product recommendations, payments and more. So, if you are looking at working with the best chatbot development company to add value to your organization processes, think no further. You are here.

Scripted Chatbots

Scripted with pre-defined knowledge base and can reply to specific queries.

Customer Support Bots

Industry wide application, they support customers with their queries 24/7.

Transactional Bots

Make transactions or take action within the context of a conversation.

Assistant Chatbots

Also for internal processes, to help with queries, information etc.

AI/ NLP Chatbots

AI powered, communicates via voice and text, through web and mobile apps.

Contextual Chatbots

AI and Machine Learning enabled, they learn over time from experience.

Voice enabled Bots

Voice based, personalized, answers queries, takes action (think Alexa/Siri).

Social Messaging

Social platform integrated messaging to connect with brands.

Bots Integration Services
we offer

From offering chatbots services for mobile apps to building bots for web and independent platforms, and social media platform, Day One is a full-stack company to help you in building cost-effective chatbot solutions.

While there are ready-to-use, off-the-shelf chatbot systems available in the market and can help with immediate requirements, we recommend custom development for end-to-end functionalities.

Facebook Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger

Slack bot

Alexa bot


Google Assistant

Industry Recognition Awards & Recognition

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Our Chatbot Development Process

Chatbot solutions are for everybody! No matter the size and nature of your business, your customers or your budget. There is a chatbot for everyone.
At Day One, as a bot development agency we recommend businesses to understand the need for adding a bot. A bot automates and brings efficiencies to certain functionalities - it does not mean that it’s the only solution to a business challenge. On that note, here’s how we build chatbots for business to ensure you know what you are signing up for!
Discovery Workshop & Chatbot Consultation
Business Analytics & R&D
Chatbot Architecture
AI and NLP integration
Deployment, Training and Implementation

Chatbot Development Tools

Building a chatbot is not an easy task, but fortunately we’ve got it right over the years. AI in chatbot development has been a real game changer and today we are using some of the most advanced cognitive technologies to bring you the best.

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