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Top Machine Learning Company Geo-targeted ML services in NYC, California, Texas, India, UK and more
Top Machine Learning Company

Machine Learning as a Service Industry-specific solutions for Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Telecom etc.
Machine Learning as a Service

What is Machine Learning and why businesses need Machine Learning services?

Business culture around the world is witnessing dramatic changes with the advent of cognitive technologies. Everyone is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence, a fact amplified by the rise in demand for AI and Machine Learning services in the USA, UK, Singapore, India, UAE and every other country. With SMBs and enterprises realizing its potential and implementing Machine Learning into business processes, we are living in an era where technology is driving business growth and shaping cultures.

So what exactly is Machine Learning? Simply put, machine learning is the branch of Artificial Intelligence that involves the use of algorithms to build data-led models, so as to learn from experience and observation, and act as humans would but with minor programming or intervention by a human. By harnessing the technology businesses can as such:

  • Redefine its approach towards automation, marketing, security, customer service etc.
  • Save on cost and time
  • Gain better insights through data analysis
  • Facilitate decision making and do more in a structured manner    

At Day One Technologies, as a top Machine Learning agency we believe that the uses of AI and Machine Learning is immense and leveraging the opportunity now, is the smartest way to enable one’s business to rise above competition in this AI powered digital world.  

Driving Business Success with the best Machine Learning Development Company
Future-driven Industry specific ML solutions

The benefits of Machine Learning in business are expanding across industries. Businesses are looking at its adoption as a long-term success model for solving complex challenges and streamlining processes, resulting in a steady demand for industry-specific Machine Learning consulting services across:

  • Education (Edtech)
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance (Fintech)
  • Healthcare, fitness and wellness (Healthtech)
  • Travel and tourism (Traveltech) and Hospitality
  • Agro and Food industry (Foodtech)
  • Manufacturing and more

At Day One with our core team of AI and Machine Learning developers we have been providing custom AI and Machine Learning products and services based on business needs, budgets and timelines, by identifying the right Machine Learning language (Python, R), platforms (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) etc., so as to help startups and enterprises scale, perform and transform. As a leading Machine Learning startup, we know what your business needs, and we deliver more than just that. 

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Unsupervised Learning

Statistical Modeling &
Predictive Analysis

What makes Day One the best Machine Learning Service Provider?
Affordable Machine Learning applications delivered on-time

There’s a lot for businesses to miss out on without the right on-premise or cloud Machine Learning services.

Industries are adopting Machine Learning tools to upgrade operations and eliminate risks with the right on-premise or cloud Machine Learning services, so as to gain competitive advantage and profits.  

At Day One, we take pride in our core team of AI and ML engineers, UI/UX designers (for app UI/UX designing services), and solutions architects, and believe that it’s this team that has been able to keep our customers happy, by helping them to scale, stay competitive and earn profits. Our efforts have paid off and we have been featured in the list of top AI companies by GoodFirms and Clutch.

So if you are thinking ‘Why choose Day One?’ here are our top 5 reasons to outsource Machine Learning app development services to Day One:

  • Fast-reacting and adaptable technology-driven core team
  • Custom Machine Learning and AI solutions development
  • Quick turnaround time from project kickoff to ML deployment
  • Agile development model with dedicated customer support teams
  • Strict NDA and confidentiality to ensure that your idea is safe with us

Success Stories with our Machine Learning as a Services (MLaaS) Adopting a result-driven Machine Learning framework

When searching for the best companies for Machine Learning in NYC, Boston, Austin (Texas), Chicago, Los Angeles (California), India, London,Dubai or anywhere in the world, it’s not surprising that Day One’s name keeps coming up. From building NLP platforms to Recommendation Engine development services, there’s a lot that our Machine Learning engineering services have helped businesses with across Human Resources, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Customer Support and more.

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TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

Our 5-stage AI and ML model development process:

Project Kickoff (Understanding deliverables and data availability)

Data check (Data collection, cleaning, exploration, visualization)

Model Selection & Development (Scrum-agile process)

Training and Evaluation

Parameter Tuning & Deployment 

The transformational 
landscape of AI and Machine Learning

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