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Affordable, custom Mobile App Development services in New York city

Times Square, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty – New York is glamour and business all in one place. Home to millions of people, it is also one of the hot-spots for innovation in design and technology. Not surprisingly, the number of mobile application companies in New York, USA has been on the steady rise and the benefits are getting manifold just right. 

Application development, for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and wearable devices, has come a long way. This is 2020, and we are looking at advanced design elements, rich features, integrated technologies, better security, stellar user experience and much more. As your technology partner, at Day One Technologies we are thinking of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR and VR, Blockchain – and that is what we offer to you.  

As a leading New York and New Jersey app design and development service provider, we can build more than an app for you. We can help to build your future, with a product that delights and meets your business goals. 

App Development done right!
iOS and Android app development in New York

As new-age entrepreneurs, we understand how important it is for businesses to adapt to changing markets. Today, with millions of apps in the app marketplace, and billions downloaded every year, it is foolish not to have an app to reach, connect and engage with your users. So let’s help you with that!
Industries we support in USA and worldwide with our application development solutions for iOS and Android:
application development solutions for iOS and Android:

  • Healthcare (eg. mental health and wellness, fitness etc.)
  • FoodTech (eg. nutrition and diet, on-demand food delivery apps etc.)
  • Fintech (eg. mobile wallets, contactless payment apps etc.)
  • TravelTech (eg. commuting apps, ticket booking apps etc.)
  • Manufacturing (eg. logistics and supply chain, IoT etc.)
  • Retail (eg. customer support chatbots, inventory apps, billing etc.)
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What makes Day One the best Mobile App Development Companies in New York

Users today are savvy and demanding. And they are constantly in search of the “wow effect”. What if your app could give them that?

At Day One Technologies, we understand the shift in the landscape of mobile application development. And with our AI powered mobile app development services in NYC , we are taking it to the next level with:

  • Contemporary human-centric design and UI/UX elements
  • Advanced cognitive tech such as AI, ML, computer vision, NLP, chatbots etc.
  • Integration with immersive technologies (AR/VR), RPA, IoT, cloud, etc.
  • A global talent pool of coders, designers, product owners, technologies, CX writers etc.
  • Round the clock service and support, end-to-end project implementation, timely delivery and more.

Success Stories with Mobile App Development Creating a future with Mobile Apps

Few things make us happier than clients who have reaped rewards from our services. By delivering a world-class product we have not only put a smile on our client’s face but also been a part of their story. As we keep building relationships with our services and grow in scope as top App Development companies New York, United States here’s a quick look at how we helped some of our clients in their journey.

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