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Leveraging Social Platforms strategically Social Media solutions for Mobile App Marketing

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What is Social Media Marketing

And how does it benefit app marketing

Social credibility, brand awareness, engagement and conversions - the benefits of social media marketing services are endless. And that’s why your app marketing strategy needs it.

Think of it in this way. Most individuals interact with at least one social platform on a daily basis. Whether it is for networking on LinkedIn or learning a new concept on YouTube, social platforms are where your users are. And if you are aiming to take your app to these users, what would be a more suitable way than social media promotion services?

At Day One, with our team of social media strategists, we can help your brand plan social campaigns to reach its intended audience through the right platform. We have the knowledge, expertise and come with capabilities of end-to-end app marketing solutions. Let’s start with that.

What We Do

Building social trust and online presence

Build Social Media Strategy and Calendar

Creating brand awareness

Original trending copy, designs and videos

Engagement, conversions and revenue

Community Management (review, feedback)

Website traffic and SEO ranking

Ad campaigns, reports, analytics

Our Services

How we plan, execute and monitor your Mobile App Social Media Strategy

Building a powerful mobile app is a crucial task. But even the best apps will not deliver desired results unless users are using it. That’s where marketing and promotions come into the picture. And social media is one of the best platforms for brands to market and promote themselves.

As a top social media marketing services provider we are here to show you how it is done.

Social Media Consulting

Your social media initiatives should be relevant and result-driven. And for that, as your consultants, we assist to take your voice out to your target audience through the right channels and content.

  • Discovery workshop
  • Dedicated social media marketing experts to understand business goals, budget, audience
  • Competitor and market research
  • Existing social media audit (if applicable)
  • Social listening (eg. mentions), app reputation review
  • Custom plan for execution

SMM Strategy Development

The goal of investing in SMM services is to maximize app ROI, and it is our job to design a social media marketing plan for app promotion that works and delivers that.

  • Identify channels, post type, frequency, tone, brand messaging, hashtags, etc.
  • Plan campaign budgets, track metrics, analyze, recreate
  • Plan engagement activities – giveaways, contests, sneak peeks, offers, referral programs, etc.
  • Schedule pre-launch, release, and post-launch plan

For an in-depth social media strategy for apps schedule a consultation today.

Content Collaterals

Once a strategy is in place the next step is to build content collaterals. This requires keeping track of trends, hashtags, industry updates, content forms, etc.

  • Content calendars with multimedia content Eg. blogs, GIFs, images, videos, reviews, teasers, etc.
  • Experimenting with new content formats Eg. polls, Q&A, Ask me anything, reels, etc.
  • Cross platform app marketing Eg. FB, IG, YouTube, emails, website, LP etc.
  • Live event coverage
  • Custom reply messages (on posts and DMs)
  • Content performance using social media analytics tools

Paid Ads and Influencer Marketing

As a top social media marketing agency, we recommend influencer marketing and paid ads. Truth is, all brands are competing on social platforms, and for your brand to get noticed, a little spending in the beginning will take you a long way.

  • Reach location, demography and niche-based audience
  • Build brand trust through a trusted voice
  • Custom campaigns based on budgets, reach, audience
  • Tract ROI for each dollar spent

Reports and Analytics

It’s not enough to build a great social media plan and execute it – it needs to be monitored and updated in time. Social media is an evolving field with new algorithms being written each year. YouTube introduced Shorts and Instagram has Guides and these are great means of engaging with users.

At Day One, as a social media marketing company we make sure that when we take your app to social platforms, we analyze its performance, to update and give you the best.

  • Top social media analytics tools used
  • Weekly metrics and reports
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • 15-day performance-based update

Think this is for you? Get in touch for an exclusive 3 month SMM plan for your business and app.

Why DayOne?

App marketing strategies with Social Media

Businesses today are taking to digital platforms at a breakneck pace. Smartphones are owned by billions of users today and social media is a smart way to connect with the right audience. As a digital inbound marketing company we have seen many businesses miss the race by not being proactive. At Day One we take care that your strategies are done in a way so that you create buzz wide and far.

Top agency for digital and social campaigns

Custom social media solutions for startups and enterprises

Technical and Marketing experts

Regular publishing, review and reports to stay on track

Dedicated Account Manager for each project

Original content cpy. Confidential NDA

Social Media is for You:
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Here’s a quick tip on App marketing on social media - it’s for everyone! All you need to do is get started!
No matter the size of your business (startups and enterprises) or the industry you are catering to, there is a social platform for you. At Day One, we make it simpler by helping you be selecting and identify platforms that show potential for best returns. From creating and publishing content, to mapping new strategies, to audit, reports and growth - it’s 360 degree services for your brand!

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