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What is Virtual Reality?

And the benefits of a VR app in business

A Google Cardboard headset and a iOS/Android app on your smartphone, and there - you are all set to be transported to the world of virtual reality. You could be walking on the moon or touring ancient Rome from the comfort of your home! Examples of virtual reality in apps is growing as it shows potential and promise.

Virtual Reality or VR technology is about creating a simulated environment using computer programming. Through devices like 3D glasses/connected apps, users are immersed in the virtual world simulating multiple senses including sound, touch, vision etc. It’s interesting, futuristic and engaging - and very difficult to build without the right knowhow. And that’s exactly where Day One’s VR app development solutions help with.

Advantages of Virtual Reality apps in business?

VR and its twin AR technology is trending in recent years. We are living in the mobile-first generation, and with the penetration of smartphones, 3G/4G, and affordable technology worldwide, businesses are leaving no stones unturned in innovation and R&D. With VR software solutions brands are aiming at not only bringing immersive experiences to customers, but also scaling costs, time and resource optimization. One of the key reasons for brands to go the VR way is its easy integration with mobile technology and Artificial Intelligence. With our AI powered VR app development services moreover, we combine 3D models, human centric UI/UX and strategy to build a result-driven VR strategy. It’s the next level of sensory experiences we are talking about and it begins here.

Personalizing Customer Experiences

Multisensory Experiences for Product/Service marketing

Innovation and Safety on the Factory Floor

Interactive Learning Experiences

Immersive Reality for higher user engagement

What we offer

Our Virtual Reality Solutions

Specializing in building VR mobile apps didn’t happen overnight for us. To begin with, the technology itself was evolving, and brands were leveling up with their glasses and VR wears. In short, at Day One what we have is a team that has learnt and evolved with the technology.

As a VR software development company we understand the basics and complexities involved in VR systems development; we understand the need for experience designing, 3D asset creation, testing and support. What we offer, is not just a solution - it’s the roadmap for future success.

Immersive VR apps

The one with the greatest potential for integration with AI technology solutions. Users will require a VR headset/HMD to create a real-world like immersive experience including multisensory features (sound, sight etc.). While initially popular for gaming, it has now expanded its use across education, eCommerce and retail, automotive, etc. The best VR development companies today are leveraging fully immersive VR for providing the best user experience – from virtual auto test rides to virtual ‘try and buy’ demos.

Semi-Immersive VR technology

From 4D movies to applications of immersive technology in EdTech, semi-immersive VR creates a partly real scenario, where users are connected to their real surroundings while experiencing the virtual. With the use of high-resolution displays, this form is mostly used in simulation trainings (eg. in aviation) which creates a virtual world at the fraction of the cost. Mobile app development companies today are building VR apps that provide students with a semi-immersive, while keeping true to the functionalities of the real situation.

Collaborative & Mixed Reality apps

Collaborative VR is one of the most promising part of immersive VR technology, that focuses on creating not a fully immersive but rather an interactive environment. Businesses for instance, find it most useful when having virtual video conferences, diminishing all geographic boundaries, to share content, experiences connect and collaborate with each other. A more recent development, mixed reality solutions brings together the best of AR and VR. Businesses usually use it for employee training, or in immersive demos.

AI powered VR apps

In the coming years, we can expect VR apps to be more sophisticated and with better visuals. What is also expected to evolve is its connection with other trending technologies, for instance the growth of AI in VR apps for iOS and Android systems. For instance, scanning a room via the phone app to get accurate dimensions to check furniture settings? Or creating real-life like demo tours for the travel enthusiast? It’s limitless possibilities we are looking at here, and with AI it is a possible outcome.

AR/VR enabled Web
app for EdTech

EdTech | Singapore | Web app | AI | Mobile Apps | AR/VR

The team at Day One collaborated with Singapore-based, Vere360 on an interesting project for web and mobile application development for their AR/VR powered immersive learning EdTech platform. We built a desktop and mobile app that’s user-friendly, rich in features, and functionalities (eg. multimedia content, easy share etc.), and driven by AI solutions for drawing data-driven insights. As an AR/VR app development company this was a project that gave us the opportunity to use the best of cognitive and immersive technologies.

Top industries using AR and VR app solutions

From app games to GPS navigation systems, there’s no end to the impact of AR technology across industry verticals. With AR in applications, businesses can not only add relevant features and functionality, but gather data for personalization, content marketing, user engagement and more.

EdTech and Training

Content Creation Interactive Lectures Field Trips


Surgery Simulations Augmented Diagnosis Pharma/Drug information


3D model catalogue Virtual fitting rooms Store navigation apps


GPS Navigation Hotel walkthroughs Virtual historic tours

Real Estate

Virtual living spaces Virtual property walkthroughs Architecture & Design


Product Prototype/Design CAD solutions Simulations

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