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Wearable App Development Company The new chapter in innovative technology

The definition of proactiveness in a technology-driven generation is changing overnight. Time holds little value as minutes are enough to make technologies obsolete. Businesses need to think and act, bigger and bolder, and adopting a mobile-first culture might just be the first step of being proactive. While mobile apps are the current market trend-setters, it’s time to think beyond. Think of app development services for wearables in a mobile-first world.

Wearables are the new game-changes! While names like Apple Watch, Google Glass, Wear OS, Fitbit and Garmin Vivosmart, have already made their mark in the market, there are other singular players who are gaining grounds remarkably. Having a proactive business plan, you can not only be future-ready with the right app designs and development for wearables but also gain edge over global competition. Let’s get started, shall we?

App Development Solutions for Wearables Constructing a Roadmap to the Future

There’s a lot that goes into designing and developing apps for wearables. From domain expertise and precision in designing and development, to functionality, sensors and more, creating the right user experience is not an easy task. At Day One Technologies, we welcome such challenges and work towards a sustainable solution. With full-stack technology capabilities, knowledgeable design teams, and a culture of innovation and agility, we make staying ahead, possible.

Apps for Wearable:

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Wearable Apps for iOS & Android(Apple Watch/ Google Glass)

IoT & AR/VRApplications for Wearables

Wearable Apps for -Healthcare & Fitness

Wearable Apps for -Gaming & Entertainment

Wearable Apps for -Utilities

Wearable Apps for -Travel

Wearable Apps for -Finance

Wearable Apps ForRetail

Technology backing our
Wearable Application Development Services

The right technology support can lay the foundation of building your business’s success saga. With each day marking the rise of new technologies, businesses need to adapt and evolve at the blink of an eye. As a top application development company for wearables, at Day One Technologies, we maintain a robust technology stack to help businesses create and recreate impeccable user experiences! So, whether your app needs GPS integration, push notifications, in-app messaging or any other cool features and functionality, we’ve got you covered!.

iOS (iWatch)
Objective C
Health Kit
Siri Kit
Android (Google Glass)
Android SDK
Android Studio

The Wearable App Experience Success stories from across the world

From developing mobile apps for enterprises to small-scale startups, our services have helped businesses drive success through mobile solutions. Some of our most recent and successful stories include:

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TOLLR – Smarter Toll Payments


TOTTO – Bringing the fun back to the party

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