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IoT enabled Wearable

Empower your business with fully-functional and intuitive IoT wearable apps that integrate seamlessly with a wide range of connected devices and sensors. These apps are meant to create a connected ecosystem for greater productivity and better communication.

From smart homes to security systems, healthcare to automobile tracking, the examples of IoT sensors in wearables have advanced considerably over the years. The era of connected devices is here, and with the Internet of Things, businesses are now looking at better communication, efficiency and productivity.

At Day One, we deliver technological solutions to simplify business operations, build collaboration between devices and employees, bring instant interoperability, and gain business opportunities through wearable apps for IOT devices.

Wearable Apps for
Immersive Tech (AR/VR/MR)

Let’s build an alternative reality with our app development services for wearables! From game development, to Ed-tech, we bring design, development, and user engagement together.

Enterprise AR/VR and Mixed Reality moreover brings ease of communication, efficiency, security and productivity in the office/factory floor, helping businesses to optimize resources, and save on time and money.

At Day One, It’s not just apps we are building – we deliver technological solutions to simplify business operations, build collaboration between devices and employees, bring instant interoperability, and gain business opportunities through wearable apps.

Custom Wearable Applications Development

AR/VR enabled Web
app for EdTech

EdTech | Singapore | Web app | AI | Mobile Apps | AR/VR

The team at Day One collaborated with Singapore-based, Vere360 on an interesting project for web and mobile application development for their AR/VR powered immersive learning EdTech platform. We built a desktop and mobile app that’s user-friendly, rich in features, and functionalities (eg. multimedia content, easy share etc.), and driven by AI solutions for drawing data-driven insights. We added high-level AR/VR solutions to the product to ensure a sophisticated an immersive user experience (Note: Soon to be launched feature)

WearTech App Development as a Service

Industry focused Wearable App

Our team of wearable app developers has decades of experience in developing a vast array of wearable applications like Apple Watch apps, smart band apps for numerous industry verticals including lifestyle, healthcare, travel, manufacturing, retail, and the list goes on. Day One holds the expertise to develop par-excellence, cost-effective and highly-effective solutions for wearable devices that perfectly meet the highest standards and bring efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Healthcare and Fitness

There’s more to wearables than fitness trackers and smartbands, or health monitoring devices – but there’s no denial, they top the list of popular wearables. As a wearable software development company we have seen immense growth in this sector. Consumers feel empowered to be in charge of their health, and brands find it a powerful platform to stay connected to engaged users.


Payments – the one field of Financial services that has been innovating and setting new roadmaps every single day. From mobile wallet based payments, to contactless payments, it’s now payments with wearables (smartwatches, jewelry etc.) that’s setting trends. Having built payment apps, we know this is one trend that’s going to be the future. How about getting started with it?

Education & Training

It’s the era of smart classrooms, eLearning and online/remote learning. With the best of AR/VR and AI technologies and mobile app development services, EdTech is creating headlines. With wearable apps now being used across education systems for training, learning and development, monitoring progress and more, here’s to the next gen of app based personalized learning systems.

As a wearable app development service provider we understand the power of Wearable technology in business and why more businesses from leading industry verticals are leaning towards it. Wearable technology can today be seen across:

Wearable App Development Process

If you are a startup or enterprise business, and looking to adopt advanced technologies, then it’s a crucial task to identify the right services. Day one offers a whole range of mobile app development services in Singapore, while working on innovative technologies including wearable technology. As a custom wearable application development company, we can help with that. Here’s how we help you.


Analytics &

Design &

Native app
Development &

App Release/
Support &

Wearable App Development
Consultancy services

downloads by 200%

Healthcare | USA | Native mobile app for iOS/Android

Day One Technologies collaborated with SOS Method (a U.S. based meditation and wellness brand) to revamp and re-built their meditation app for iOS and Android. The project required native mobile app development services for an end-to-end makeover, including enhanced UI/UX designs, innovative features, security layers, payment gateway integrations and more. We built an app that increased installs by 200%, grew its subscribers, user engagement and retention rate effortlessly. And as their technology consultant, we believe that leveling up to wearable application solutions would be a great fit for the next phase of the brand’s growth journey!

Industry Recognition Awards & Recognition

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