Computer Vision and Image Processing Services
Face recognition. Machine vision. Object identification.
Computer Vision and Image Processing Services

Top AI Computer Vision Company
AI Image solutions in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance
Top AI Computer Vision Company

Computer Vision as a Service Custom models for USA, Canada, UAE, APAC etc.
Computer Vision as a Service

What is Computer Vision and why businesses need Computer Vision services?

As humans we know that our ability to recognize an object, image or any visual content is based on sight and brain functions. If we translate that into computers and machines, it’s what Computer Vision and Image Processing is all about. Computer Vision development service in USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, India, UAE etc. is at an all time high as businesses worldwide are discovering innovative methods for its application and potential to solve future problems. 

Computer Vision simplistically put is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that trains computers to recognize images, pictures and objects by labeling and classifying them. By using Deep Learning models, Computer Vision technology is able to help businesses with:

  • Data extraction from visuals for quality control and management
  • Efficiency through auto-checkout and real-time analysis of images
  • Enhanced safety and security using facial recognition software

At Day One Technologies, as a top AI based Computer Vision service provider it’s upon us to help businesses leverage the best that AI has to offer. This is one of the most promising and evolving technologies of Artificial Intelligence,  and together with Machine Learning solutions, can boost revenue and ROI in the most interesting of ways. Let’s help with that.

Industry-wide success with the best Computer Vision and Image Processing CompanyExamples of Computer Vision applications

When it comes to using Computer Vision across industry verticals, the instances have been numerous and impressive. Using Convolutional Neural Networks or CNN, modern Computer Vision models have been developed with billions of dollars invested in research so as to develop smart solutions of the future. Some of the more popular applications of Computer Vision and Image Processing in Industries include:

  • Healthcare: Eg. Medical Imaging, disease detection
  • Retail: Eg. In-store payments and security 
  • Automotive: Eg. self-driving cars, lane detection etc. 
  • Agriculture: Eg. Drone technology, aerial images for crop inspection
  • Manufacturing: Eg. Real time product quality checks
  • Supply Chain: Eg. Quality control, inventory etc. 
  • Banking and Insurance: Eg. Document validation, vehicle damage claims

At Day One we believe that with our AI capabilities we are among the best companies developing Computer Vision technology. With a combination of Deep Learning, Face Recognition software, and Image Analytics, it’s success we drive across industries and sectors.  

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Day One: Your AI partner for Deep Learning in Computer Vision in Business

We understand How Computer Vision works

It takes a fraction of a second for our eyes to identify an image and the brain cells to process it. And that’s exactly how much time machines are being programmed to take to identify objects, recognize patterns and classify them. And while it did seem like a fantastic idea a few decades ago, we know it is possible today using the right Computer Vision algorithms and techniques. 

At Day One, as a custom AI startup company, we understand the benefits AI brings to businesses. From saving time and cost through automation, to lessening operational risks, improving security, driving data-led analytics and insights, it’s a bagful of surprises that Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision can add to your business. 

With Day One as your technology partner for AI Computer Vision solutions you get: 

  • Custom Computer Vision software development and solutions 
  • Expertise of an experienced team of coders, designers and AI developers, and Computer Vision APIs
  • Agile development, quick turnaround and implementation, maintenance and support
  • Strict NDA to keep your ideas and solutions secure


Success Stories for Computer Vision Applications Identifying the right Computer Vision platform for business

The interesting part of AI driven software solutions is that it is for all. From startups to enterprises, the demand for AI is thriving among all. As a top AI based Computer Vision startup company in NYC, Boston, Austin (Texas), Chicago, Los Angeles (California), India, London, Dubai etc. it is our job to help your business identify the right solutions, platforms and APIs to get started. AI is an evolving technology, and if you are not sure on how to get started, we are just a call away! Not convinced? Take a look at our client success stories to learn more about how we help businesses leverage AI and grow.

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