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What we offer: Computer Vision
solutions for business

There’s no dearth of user data today - and thanks to technology, businesses are being able to capture and analyze data for drawing meaningful, strategic insights. And it gets even better when machines can be trained to study data not just from texts, but image visuals as well. AI image identification, visual recognition, and extraction of data from visuals is gradually trending into a favourite for businesses, with global industries investing in building custom Computer Vision platforms. As a top Computer Vision services company, let’s show you our expertise and what we bring to the table with this AI technology!

Object Detection

Studying images to identify independent objects or groups of objects.

Image Recognition

Analyzing images and using machine vision to recognize places, animals, people etc. from them.

Image Analysis

Analyze images to provide insights. Classify and/or label objects, compare data, learn, and deliver.

Facial Recognition

Identify human faces from images. Train to recognize specific individuals even in groups.


Scan documents, images, PDF and digital files to extract data, save time, and draw insights.

Pattern Detection

Recognize patterns in images such as in colors, shapes etc.

Video Analytics

Scan data from video clips for analysis and insights. Identify people, places, shapes and more.

Machine Vision

Interpret visual data from images, detect anomalies and defects etc.

Emotion Detection

Review images/ video clips to identify user sentiments via facial reactions, gesture, body language.

Examples of Computer Vision applications
across Industries

The role of Computer Vision in business and in daily life is so extensive that one often misses out on noticing it. From self-driven cars, to document scanning, to auto tagging images on social platforms - truth is that AI systems is dramatically transforming the world we live in. The range of Computer Vision and image processing services that are being developed and are available today as such are so varied that the technology is creating trends across diverse industry verticals. Here’s looking at how CV, neural networks and deep learning is making an industry-wide impact.

Computer Vision in

Medical imaging, surgery, disease detection, artery highlighting, clinical trials – the application of CV in healthcare comes with immense promise and opportunity. Though in several cases, the technology is in trial stage, it’s potential is immense and businesses are looking at it as a smart, long-term solution.

CV applications in Retail

The brick and mortar retail stores are witnessing revolutionary change with Computer Vision-as-a-Service. From merchandising to in-store security, cashless payments to inventory, automated checkout and more, the implementation of AI is calling for real innovation in retail.

Computer Vision in

IoT and smart factories are calling for change and automation. With CV technology, there’s streamlining across manufacturing units. Predictive maintenance, 3D inspection, real-time product quality check, barcode scan, package inspection – the range of use cases of Computer Vision is growing by the day in this sector.

Automotive and AI
Computer Vision

Lane detection, self-driven cars, assisted parking, monitoring driver conduct, interconnected vehicles – there’s no end to innovation in machine vision and CV for the automotive sector. When it comes to automotive, Computer Vision software solutions are even being leveraged for insurance claims – thus ensuring the circular role of AI from beginning to the end.

CV in Banking and

As a leading Artificial Intelligence solutions provider USA we are witnessing the global transformation of the BFSI sector with AI based CV technology. From KYC processes, to personalized and contextual offerings, to fraud detection, document scanning – there a range of smart baking services that comes with CV systems.

Computer Vision services
for Insurance

With digitization impacting global insurance sector, there’s greater reliance on AI applications for fast tracking services. Validating documents, asset verification, determining premiums, etc. there a lot of time and cost to be saved with CV implementation.

Computer Vision
technology in Supply

Logistics and supply chain – especially inventory management – is getting a makeover with Computer Vision technology. From validating product quality, to labeling (with OCR), to identifying defects in packaging, there’s value being added at every stage.

Computer Vision
platform for Agriculture

Whether we look at automation in agriculture or precision, there’s a range of technology offering that’s available today. Whether it’s through drones for crop monitoring, or livestock management, or for sorting crops or predicting yield, as Computer Vision startups we see a bag full of opportunities in this sector.

How Computer Vision works

Computer Vision algorithms and techniques can be complicated to comprehend. Your platform needs to collect quality data in volumes, train data, classify and label data, and even test data. In short, the better the data, the better the outcome. And that’s where the real challenge lies.
Whether for startups or enterprises, the availability of data is a common challenge. At Day One, as a top AI Computer Vision development company in USA and India, we therefore get started by understanding and analyzing your datasets. Our models are custom built and trained for image and video recognition, to keep it futuristic and result-driven.
Discovery Workshop & Concept Validation
Business Analytics & R&D
Development & AI integration
QA, Testing &Deployment
Training, Support & Maintenance

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AI tools for Computer Vision

Selecting the right technology stack for building your Computer Vision platform for business can be the real game changer. At Day One, we therefore don’t just work on templates, but have teams with experience in diverse ML libraries, to identify and work with the one, right for you.

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