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AR vs VR vs MR

Key Concepts, Similarities and Differences

Let’s first sort out the differences and similarities between the immersive technologies.

What is Augmented Reality?

The first of the lot, AR technology makes use of flat screens and smart devices (eg. mobile phones) to superimpose digital images, graphics, sound, etc. on real-world environment. The real world is still in focus, but with digital features, it is enhanced for improved CX.

AR app development services quite naturally has gained popularity as more businesses are finding benefits in AR development and use.

Examples of AR development apps: Furniture brands IKEA, uses AR apps to allow users to check how a certain furniture will fit in their homes.

What is Virtual Reality?

VR applications is leveling up from AR. Simply put, it replaces the real world environment with a virtual or artificial world, by using computer programming. User uses headsets and connects devices to be virtually transported into a make-believe world, also able to feel all sensory characteristics such as sound and sight.

VR app development services has been the turning point in several industries, gaming, and entertainment leading the race, with healthcare and Edtech close behind.

Examples of VR apps for iOS and Android: In the Travel sector, Google Street View and eve Google Art and Culture is redefining how users commute, travel and discover places.

What is Mixed Reality?

Mixed Reality (MR) as the name suggests is a combination of the best of AR and VR tech, in that it merges the physical and digital world, and is both immersive and interactive. It usually makes use of wearable MR devices like holographic headsets.

MR app development solutions however are still in its nascent stage of development. Though it’s application is expanding rapidly, it’s still a lesser popular alternative to AR and VR tech.

Examples of MR development apps: Microsoft is investing heavily into MR technology. An advanced version of Skype for instance, makes remote working more enjoyable by using MS Hololens for its video conferencing and communications.

AR app development as a Service

AR/VR enabled Web app for EdTech

EdTech | Singapore | Web app | AI | Mobile Apps | AR/VR

The team at Day One collaborated with Singapore-based, Vere360 on an interesting project for web and mobile application development for their AR/VR powered immersive learning EdTech platform. We built a desktop and mobile app that’s user-friendly, rich in features, and functionalities (eg. multimedia content, easy share etc.), and driven by AI solutions for drawing data-driven insights. As an AR/VR app development company, this was a project that gave us the opportunity to use the best of cognitive and immersive technologies.

Role of Mixed Reality apps in business

The momentum that AR/VR and MR software solutions have gained in recent years is commendable, especially when considering its impact on businesses and enhancing the customer’s digital experiences. And while large organizations are already restructuring and rewriting their digital strategies, making space for immersive technologies, smaller businesses are not shying away from using MR technology for training, advertisement, team collaboration, marketing and sales and more.

The benefits of Mixed Reality applications in business are broadening with the end goal of cost-effectiveness, user engagement, improved CX, time and resource optimization. At Day One, with our competencies here’s our top picks for how MR apps are making a difference.

Experiential training in a simulated environment

Multisensory Experiences for interactive marketing and Branding, Advertising

Product Engineering & Innovation, Product Development

Self-Paced & Immersive Learning Experiences

Site Inspections, Demos and 3D vision, Field Service, Process Excellence

Communications & Collaboration

Industry examples of Mixed Reality app solutions

The opportunities presented by AR, VR and Mixed Reality technologies are extensive. But for businesses to reap long-term value from its implementation, it is necessary to build a strategy around it. And as a leading Mixed Reality app development service provider, we see its scope in all sectors of business today - all you have to do is think, plan and act.

EdTech and Training

Content Creation Interactive Lectures Field Trips


Surgery Simulations Augmented Diagnosis Pharma/Drug information


3D model catalogue Virtual fitting rooms Store navigation apps


GPS Navigation Hotel walkthroughs Virtual historic tours

Real Estate

Virtual living spaces Virtual property walkthroughs Architecture & Design


Product Prototype/Design CAD solutions Simulations