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AI Applications

What does it bring for your business

With Artificial Intelligence, you can add value to your business. Benefits like data, insights and analytics, and data-driven decision making keeps you ahead. AI offers better, provide recommendations, and personalized experiences which are blessings for many brands and their users. Hence it’s the key to drive in engagement, conversions, and loyalty. AI-powered real-time data also offers insights on user behavior and buying patterns.

We are one of the best AI mobile app developers in New York City, Europe, Canada, Singapore, UAE and we want to help you reap the benefits of artificial intelligence.

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What we can do for you

Lines between understanding and strategizing based on user behavior and trends have diminished with artificial intelligence. We are no longer curious about how to use AI in apps, however, we are wondering about new avenues for doing more.

Machine Learning

The power of machine learning technology seeped into AI apps have been a game changer. Be it classification, forecast, prediction, or recommendations, ML redefines applications of today.

Neural Network

A technology that analyzes the fundamental relationship between data sets to comprehend human behaviour/action. These neural networks amplify engagement and conversions in apps.

NLP & Chatbots

Facilitating machines to recognize human language so that it can offer improved customer support, instant information, and quick answers. NLP is powering up machine-human conversations

VA & Conversational AI

Want to enable easy, effective and instant interactions? Voice-enabled conversations is the answer. Sectors like finance, healthcare, transportation, social media, etc. are already using VA tools to save time and cost at every point.

Speech Recognition

Keen on moving from text to voice? Speech technology enables apps to do so. It decodes and comprehends human speech to take action or offer solutions.

Image/Video Recognition

It’s easy to detect any digital visual with billions of images/videos collected every day. This technology can provide social media tagging and disease diagnosis.

Emotion Recognition

Wish to perform sentiment analysis? This tech can help you do so. It makes recommendations based on the emotional component of the user, by studying voice notes and text structure.


The popular technology widely used for security and safety of apps got even better with advanced tech like gesture and sensory recognition. Biometric AI tech is revolutionary for apps in marketing, health science etc.

Get started on building an AI app for Business

Here’s a glimpse of our AI application
development process

Several elemental considerations need to be considered when you develop mobile apps using artificial intelligence. Some of them are: the revenue and ROI for the client, the value delivered to the end user, integration of AI into existing processes, the market trends, and competition.

You don’t have to worry about so many elements with our AI development services. Here’s a gist of it.

Discovery Workshop

We perform a thorough requirements analysis to understand your product idea and identify the AI tech to complement it.

Business Analytics & R&D

We study markets, competition, users, advanced analytics, R&D to help you transition towards automation & AI.

UI/UX Visualization

A visual layout of your product vision – User stories, user journey, mockups, wireframe is created.


Be it iOS/Android/Flutter app development, AI platform selection, data mining, data training, or data visualization, we make sure that the whole process is agile.

Testing & Deployment

We carry out manual or automated, regression testing, acceptance testing, unit testing, de-bug and deployment.

Training, Support & Maintenance

At the end, we integrate your AI apps into processes, user training, platform support, maintenance.


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