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Flutter App Design & Development: For iOS and Android

Understanding the Flutter open
source platform

What is Flutter?

Released by Google, Flutter is an open source mobile UI framework, that allows building a native mobile app with a single codebase. This means that as a business, you need a single codebase and programming language (Dart) to build a native app for iOS and Android platforms.

What this means for

Going with a Flutter SDK for app development means that businesses can save time and money on app development, in turn reducing the go-to-market time. Compatible with Android and iOS phones, and the web, Flutter also supports gamification, hence appealing to a audience base. As a Flutter application service provider, we perceive Flutter as the future of mobile technologies – and worth a try!

Flutter App Development for Business

Benefits of Flutter apps for mobiles,
web and desktop

Cross Platform

Single programming codebase in Dart for iOS and Android

Open Source

Free to use. Community support available for all issues.

Hot Reloads

View code changes instantly, while running the app.

Best for MVP

Hire a Flutter developer and build a high performing app in no time (similar to native)!


Flutter’s own widgets without the need to access OEM widgets.

Custom UI

Custom elements from Flutter library and tools, and build beautiful interfaces.

Flutter Development Services:
How we can help

Flutter App Consultation

Native mobile app development services can take brands closer to their audiences. And with Flutter, built in a quicker, cost-effective way, it gets way more easier. However, even Flutter has its limitations, and that’s why it’s advisable to discuss and decide. The team at Day One assists clients with a one-on-one consultation on Flutter to strategize and draw the roadmap ahead.

Web and Mobile App UI/UX

The advantage of using Flutter for app development over iOS and Android SDKs is the ease, performance, and visual design excellence it offers. From customizing widgets to sharing elements, with our Flutter app UI/UX design solutions you get a UI/UX strategy that’s right for you.

Flutter for App

Whether you are building apps for mobiles, web, or desktop, Flutter app development solutions provides a low development cost, quality, and performance driven results for your app. We have an experienced team working for you. From getting the codes, to testing for bugs and even app release and support, the team at Day One has got you covered.

Flutter App Migration and

With Flutter 2 and stable web solutions, do you think your Flutter app needs to be upgraded? Or how about migrating your existing iOS/Android app to Flutter? With Day One’s AI app development services for iOS, Android, and Flutter, we have the capabilities and skills to help brands migrate, upgrade and go Flutter! After all, with Flutter you can build beautiful apps – and now we can make that happen.

How we build Apps for business

Flutter is an open source, free app development framework. It works on a single codebase, is scalable, provides the power of native apps and can be upgraded without stopping the app! As a top app development company for Flutter, this is how we build a Flutter app!


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