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App Marketing Services for iOS/Android ROI driven Go-To-Market Strategies

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What is App Marketing

And the benefits of App Marketing in business

So, you have built a mobile app for iOS and/or Android. Your app developers have also done app optimization and successfully released it in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. But your app is unable to get downloads.

This is the story of thousands of apps today - the inability to be discovered, get installs, and acquire users. It’s a challenge and like all challenges it has a solution. Strategic app growth marketing is as important to business as building an app. From building a pre-launch plan to collecting reviews and feedback from end users, it’s all a part of the larger game.

With our App store release and marketing solutions let us help you with that.

App visibility in search

Improved reviews and

Increase installs (organic +

Greater app

Improved user

Better app ranking (app
store search)

Higher conversions and

Ideal for MVP and user

Our Services

How we help with end-to-end mobile
app marketing solutions

There’s a lot that goes into taking an app to its intended audience. There’s strategy throughout the buyer’s journey, content marketing, promotions, reviews, and feedback, in short, a lot of activity after the design and development phase.

To be honest, it’s not easy, and yet some apps do it great. As a top app marketing services provider, we are here to show how how to do it great!

App Marketing

When planning a digital roadmap for app launch, it’s imperative to consider all factors – including the timeline of the MVP, the budget, and even inbound marketing solutions. As an app consultant, our team can help you in having an in-depth understanding of all app marketing elements including the app store guidelines, ASO strategies, App advertisements, app monetization, and more.

App Marketing

There’s pre-launch, launch, and post-launch app marketing strategies that we are talking about here – not a one time activity but a series of planned activities, usually for 3-6 months that ensures your app is released in the app stores, there’s buzz around, social media traction, downloads, user acquisition, monetization, and reviews. In short, it’s an end-to-end marketing roadmap with tools, content collaterals, ad campaigns, budgets, and more

ASO Strategy

Whether it’s for an Android or iOS app, we take care of the ASO to make sure your app’s ranking high. Our ASO services include writing descriptions, designing screens, teaser videos, app SEO, and more to make sure your app ranks high and can be discovered for the right keywords effortlessly.

User Acquisition, Retention &
App Monetization

Our app marketing strategies are built such that clients can maximize app revenue. It comes with detailed app pricing models, user acquisition and retention strategies (contests, giveaways, referrals etc.) and monetization (freemium, subscriptions etc.) to ensure that downloads happen, users are engaged, and convert from free to paid members effectively.

App Reputation (ORM) &
Social Media

Your app will have lovers and haters – and that’s why it is critical to monitor reviews and ratings and respond to customer queries, complaints, and feedback. It’s also critical to keep a tap on social media platforms for the general buzz around your app. With our social media marketing services for app launch and release, app growth marketing and app reputation management, you can leave it to us to make sure your brand and app is always in the right light!

App Audit, Analytics &

You’ll want to know how your app’s performing, what users are saying, and how much of an opportunity is there to take your app to the next level. With AI solutions in mobile apps, we take app marketing to the next level with data and metrics on user engagement, end-to-end audit for new feature identification, weekly reports and analytics for insights and more. In short, it’s 360-degree solutions we bring to the table.

How we plan a custom App Marketing Strategy

Why choose Day One as your App Marketing Partner

The initial success of your app will largely be based on how effectively you have been able to take your app to its target audience. A great product will only be considered great if and when the right users are using it. There’s no one way to go about it, but with the right mobile app marketing agency by your side, you can get a long way!

Pre Launch
App Marketing

Identify Release Date Competitor/Market Research App Audit/Testing/MVP Target Customer Profiling Build Content Collaterals eg. Landing Page, sneak peek campaigns via social, emails etc. Data-driven optimization


Reviews, rating, feedback ORM and PR initiatives Push notifications, referrals, offers, etc. for engagement Extended outreach Metrics, Analytics & Reports, Customer Support

Research &

ASO strategy Contests, Giveaways and promotional campaigns User Acquisition & Retention Influencer Marketing Paid Ads (social + search) PR Kit High Affinity Brand Messaging A/B Testing